Step 4: Structure

The structure was made from 2x6 timber for the top frame measuring 8' by 12' by 8' high.  The columns were made by 4"x4" wood assembled with wood screws.  Diagonal reinforcements were added at the corners and metal brackets were added at the corners for added structural stability. We found some scrap wood to add additional reinforcements to the corners of the frame. 

We painted the frame white using paint suitable for outdoor conditions.

-These images were taken later in the process however they best demonstrate the construction of the frame.
<p>They all look amazing.</p>
<p>Crikey! That's beautiful!</p>
<p>Thanks for sharing. i love this</p>
<p>Hi! Awezome! Both filtered water when it rains?</p>
<p>Hi I was wondering how did you determine the grid size? thanks :) </p>
The grid size was determined by the diameter of a typical 20 ounce plastic bottle.
<p>Ok thanks! </p>
<p>a lot ot bottles.. but very good result!</p>
<p>Superb, I want that beautiful canopy too. Where I can get that bottles?</p>
idea fantastica.. <br>
Really like this and may make something similar for my backyard. <br>
I think this project was constructed very well. However I'd like you to elaborate as to how you came across your desired form in rhino
Awesome Job!
Wow. What a great amount of work! Fabulous result!
OMG that is a labour of love for sure
This is a very good environmental creation, I like it. <br>Thank you for sharing this idea.

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