Step 5: String Grid

We added screws to the top of the structure at 3" on center (about the diameter of a 20 ounce soda bottle) along the entire length of the wood.  Using 17 lb. masons line, we wove a grid around the screws weaving the string above and below the crossing grid.  A longboard worked well to roll underneath the frame to weave the string.
<p>a lot ot bottles.. but very good result!</p>
<p>Superb, I want that beautiful canopy too. Where I can get that bottles?</p>
idea fantastica.. <br>
Really like this and may make something similar for my backyard. <br>
I think this project was constructed very well. However I'd like you to elaborate as to how you came across your desired form in rhino
Awesome Job!
Wow. What a great amount of work! Fabulous result!
OMG that is a labour of love for sure
This is a very good environmental creation, I like it. <br>Thank you for sharing this idea.

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