video POV CLOCK $


Is this an Instructable?????

anupy4 months ago

plz could you send me the schematic diagram and codes for the project

on my mail id red.anup@rediffmail.com

malkit6722 years ago
Can some one send me its circuit and components details.....
jtoh2 years ago
hey could you send me the schematic diagram and codes for the project?
nodoubtman2 years ago
greattt! :)
I'd like to know how did you do this proyect, please! Do you have any Tutorial i could use !
can u plz send the circuit of the project

my Email id : albinvadakkekara@gmail.com
robot13984 years ago
did u use diiffused leds or water clear
smnoor88 (author)  robot13984 years ago
yes i use diffused leds
can i use water clear type
diffused is better though because the light is...well... diffused. spread out evenly and water clear LED's have a tendency to point at things making a glare. they are directional and diffused is not so muc. hope this helps :)
smnoor88 (author)  cyberkeeper13 years ago
yes u also right
smnoor88 (author)  robot13984 years ago
yes use water clear type
yaly4 years ago
put counter weight on the spiny thing on the other side but be sure to secure it well and to be the same weight as the pov clock
prateekk4 years ago
hey nice project !! can u plz send me the codes for this...