Picture of POV Flying Heart

Hello everybody, I present to you my second instructable! This one is about a POV (Persistace Of Vision) thigy that I created for Valentine's Day Contest. If you like it, give it a vote :D

Let's get started!

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Step 1: Tools and Parts

Picture of Tools and Parts
For tools and parts you will need:

- Cutter
- Scissors 
- Ruler
- Pen or marker (something to draw with)
- Paper glue
- Superglue 
- Compass or somethig to draw circle with
- Math notebook
- Adhesive decorations (hearts, flowers, stars... I used ladybugs)
- Cardboard
- Small DC motor (salvaged from electronics, toys.... mine is from a printer)
- Small plastic sproket or gear to fit the shaft of the motor

Step 2: Planing, measuring, drawing

Picture of Planing, measuring, drawing
As I said before, I'm way far from my home and workshop so I have limited resources and acces to tools, materials but not ideas.

After you have selected your animation, cardboard, motor and have an imagination overview of your build it's time to get to work. First, measure the lenght of the motor as this measurement determines the hight of the base. After you have the lenght, find an enclosure that fits the motor but also have good stability (dimensions, weight, also some free space for further use)

I didn't find any tin or plastic boxes or anything that I could use for my base so I had to make it out of cardboard. You can choose any design you want. I made it very simple, boxlike.

To make this easier you can do this drawing on a computer and print it directly on cardboard or sticky paper
I love this unique instructable!