Introduction: POV Projector

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With this you can project you POV's image onto a wall, ceiling, or pretty much anything!

It cost me nothing, it isn't very sturdy, but it does do what it is supposed to do.

Step 1: Materials

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this does not take many things to make.

1. a POV (mine is Ladyada's MiniPOV 3)
2. Cardboard or something similar
3. A magnifying sheet lense thing. (i dont know the kind of lense it is, i think it might be a Fresnel, but I am not sure)
4. Elcetrical tape

Step 2: Cut the Cardboard

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cut the cardboard to 2 pieces about 9x3 inches.
you may need to cut your's to different lengths depending on the lenses or you POV. so just try focusing the pov and lense w/o the cardboard first.

Step 3: Tape

tape on the lense to both of your pieces of cardboard, on the short edges of the lense

Step 4: Cut

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a hole for the serial port (*if you're using the Mini POV 3) in the cardboard, so that the LED's are in focus

Step 5: Tape

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Tape on the POV, like this

Step 6: Done

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now wave it around and project stuff on other stuff!


weebl (author)2007-04-07

whats a pov?

bostrees (author)weebl2007-04-07

POV stands for, at least in this case, Persistence Of Vision (toy/tool/gadget/whatever) and is used to describe most any optical device that appears to create a solid image based on the mind and eye's ability to "update" new images. I wish I could give you a better description but my online time is limited and my brain is shutting down as I type :)

binnie (author)bostrees2007-04-10

leds can turn on and off in fractions of seconds the eyes continue to see things for 1/16 of a second after they have dissapeared, so if you move this fast enough you will see it as say 10*7 instead of 1*7 which it reaally is TVs use this principle all the time. 2 magnets set up vertical/horizontal deflections and then a electron is fired at a screen. then it moves a little then the same thing happens again and again. the whole process happens 24 times a second **the screens data is re-written 24 times

stranoster (author)weebl2007-04-07

Stands for Persistence of Vision. It occurs because the eyes retain the image of the lights for a while after seeing it so can see letters etc. floating in midair.

ongissim (author)2007-04-08

What are LEF's?

admanrocks (author)ongissim2007-04-08

Woops! i meant LED's, ill fix that

LasVegas (author)2007-04-07

I really don't get it... I'd like to see more pictures of the assembly itself. Perhaps different angles? BTW: You're right. That is a fresnel lense.

admanrocks (author)LasVegas2007-04-07

sorry, i was kind of rushed when i made it. i'll add some more pics soon. but basically i'm shining the LED's into the lense, everything else s just to keep the lense in place

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