Step 17: USES

Many things can be done with this "POW-Rduino testing tool"

I' am going to use it to build "SMART TUBES"  for my aquaponic units.  I can now develop the sensor I need to control all the important operational elements I need to automate the growing of food and fish.

You can now work safely with high voltage and develop just about any thing you want.

I think evix means that 110 isn't anywhere near high voltage, it's only low voltage.<br><br>Still lethal, but not classified as high voltage.
<p>your tutorial is very well laid out and great source as well.but would a wiring diagram be better to follow?another question,there are already 5V arduino relay board available in the market.what was the diffirence between yours and others.</p>
Kallan - good point - thanks for your interest in this project.<br><br>rik
<br /> 110, high volt?<br />
I only use it for 110 as I am located in the US.&nbsp; For higher voltage the spec's on the relay - I think state it would be 5 amps at 220.&nbsp;&nbsp; You need to review the spec's yourself to make that determination.<br />

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