POWER TOWER, in all it's glory and pride.

Paths: 7
Height: 5-6 feet
width: 6-7 feet
length: 3 feet
Pieces: 6000-6500
Special stuff: It's got a few new elements and a Rollerball lift, you can see what that is right here: https://www.instructables.com/id/SHH5JYDFYYNDP5L/

Super-duper job! This is AWESOME! Five star rating! =-)
you should post or make a video
looks a lot like a I_am_Canadian' s twister ball machine but then how can that be a bad thing
thank you for my 1500th comment
this things beasty<br />
thanks<br />
v<br /> vi<br /> vid<br /> vide<br /> video<br /> vide<br /> vid<br /> vi<br /> v
the video got deleted because of a virus on my computer<br />
.....:-(<br />
NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, my laptop crashed and the video was on my laptop<br />
thanks to all by the way
I might be posting a video if it's not too much work, i hate work
Looks great, please post a video!
He should be honored you said that.
I like almost every ball machine I see.
Hey thats looking great! Please do make a video! :D
This looks great man. We need a video!!
Looks really nice! Good work. A video is in order!

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