true trigger
great accuracy
Great for sniping

Single shot

Oh and yah I know that I made the same instructables then deleted it, yes I was wrong about the fps.

Step 1: Parts


Step 2: Barrel

1-3 build (all one peice)
2-7 construct

Step 3: Misc + Trigger

trigger + Misc

☆┌─┐ ─┐☆
 │▒│ /▒/
 │▒ /▒/─┬─┐

Step 4: Loading and Firing

the video should explain it

<p>how do you load the gun</p>
<p>how do you load the gun</p>
not the best triger
those pics are sooooooo blurry
That rod in the can was sharpened, so it can't have INSANE POWER, but on the other side you can't really get a rod in a can without it being sharpened. This is pretty cool though. :D
i made one that wasnt sharpened and it wend all the way through a soda can...a full one!
its easier to get an unsharpened rod through 4 layers of cardboard then it is with sharpened, well, it was for me
Yeah, I did a test with my guns and got the same result. :D
I don't understand why though
I think it's because when the sharpened rod goes in the card board it pushes the board to the sides, so it creates friction. The unsharpened rod just hits it and goes clean through.
I thought that too, but didn't think anyone else thought so, because a sharpened rod makes a small entry hole, and an unsharpened rod makes a hole the right size, reducing friction
That's exactly what I'm saying. :D
the only thing is that for a non sharpened rod, it takes greater initial force to get throught the cardboard because it has no piercing power.
i get unsharpened rods through 2 inches of styrofoam from a foot away, but not a can holding it up to the barrel
i get unsharpened rods through 4 layers or corrugated cardboard from about 5-10 foot away :) but not with this gun, although i've never tried with cans
Which gun?
a really simple one which was in my video, the rifle, its basic though
*cough* Gorkem *cough*<br/>
Whatever man. I said that it was hard to do. I never said it wasn't impossible!
I did it with my LRBW it had great power from 1 meter away it went through the can and 2 layers of cardboard
My Sniper can shoot a grey rod, not sharpened all the way through a cardboard box. meaning through one end, and out the other end of the box.
Er, his rods are sharpened in the video.
i got the DD-27 to shoot through a can.
I got a gun I made to shoot through a can as well.
ive made one that can shoot through 2. but it was a single shot with 10million rubber bands on it. than have of them broke after that cuz they rubbed up next to each other to much. it was a poop gun anyways
I made one that shot through 2 <em>unopen</em> cans of soda, with the help of about 20 rubberbands, of course.<br/>
shake it before!
I got a vid of CMPG shooting an unopen can
lol I gota try that.
It does quite have some power behind it.
I did with the Vitra rifle.
why did you remove the video
the gun is powerfull bud mine rifle shoots trough 5 cans without point. I will the rifle on this site place bud i don't no how to do it XD ps: my english is not not zo good because I com from holland.
i made this same gun, w/o looking at yours, and i was about to post it. i check the other guns posted to see if i might have been plagerizing, and i found yours. there is one difference, mine is an rbg/paper wasp gun. (rubber band gun) may i post mine?
????????????, what the @#@$#@#$ you writ there?!!!
Can't you read? it was ☆�─� ─�☆  �▒� /▒/  �▒�/▒/  �▒ /▒/─┬─�  �▒�▒|▒�▒� �┴─┴─�-┘─┘ �▒�──┘▒▒▒� └�▒▒▒▒▒▒�┘  └�▒▒▒▒�┘ lol.
dont get it
Duhhh i was just joking tough.
i see that some parts that are not on this page are on your gun, and it is a bit hard to make out what peices you need
What does 100% accuracy mean?
it means, it hits the target 100% of the time
impossible. it is impossible to have it go exactly where you aim every time.
I went shooting with cadets once and I <em>aimed</em> at the target. That should meant that every bullet fired to exactly the same spot should it not?<br/>
Not exactly. Close, but never exactly, let alone every time. And I was referring mainly to this thing he made.
As was I, I just thought it was a relevant anecdote.
Wanted to feel special eh?

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