true trigger
great accuracy
Great for sniping

Single shot

Oh and yah I know that I made the same instructables then deleted it, yes I was wrong about the fps.

Step 1: Parts


Step 2: Barrel

1-3 build (all one peice)
2-7 construct

Step 3: Misc + Trigger

trigger + Misc

☆┌─┐ ─┐☆
 │▒│ /▒/
 │▒ /▒/─┬─┐

Step 4: Loading and Firing

the video should explain it



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    how do you load the gun

    how do you load the gun

    not the best triger

    those pics are sooooooo blurry

    That rod in the can was sharpened, so it can't have INSANE POWER, but on the other side you can't really get a rod in a can without it being sharpened. This is pretty cool though. :D

    15 replies

    i made one that wasnt sharpened and it wend all the way through a soda can...a full one!

    its easier to get an unsharpened rod through 4 layers of cardboard then it is with sharpened, well, it was for me

    Yeah, I did a test with my guns and got the same result. :D

    I don't understand why though

    I think it's because when the sharpened rod goes in the card board it pushes the board to the sides, so it creates friction. The unsharpened rod just hits it and goes clean through.

    I thought that too, but didn't think anyone else thought so, because a sharpened rod makes a small entry hole, and an unsharpened rod makes a hole the right size, reducing friction

    the only thing is that for a non sharpened rod, it takes greater initial force to get throught the cardboard because it has no piercing power.

    i get unsharpened rods through 2 inches of styrofoam from a foot away, but not a can holding it up to the barrel

    i get unsharpened rods through 4 layers or corrugated cardboard from about 5-10 foot away :) but not with this gun, although i've never tried with cans

    a really simple one which was in my video, the rifle, its basic though

    *cough* Gorkem *cough*

    Whatever man. I said that it was hard to do. I never said it wasn't impossible!

    I did it with my LRBW it had great power from 1 meter away it went through the can and 2 layers of cardboard