While there is ample art addressing domestic anxiety from the perspective of women, I felt like a male perspective was underrepresented. Aiming to rectify this, I made PPOV – a tongue-in-cheek wearable device for examining my home life from the perspective of my phallus. While the phallus is often associated with power and aggression, the view from the camera is actually rather mundane. It's like following a small helpless animal around my apartment - uncertain and frightened.

I know what you are thinking... well - actually - I have no clue what you are thinking, but I imagine you have some questions...

How much does it weigh?
Only a little over a pound. It's not so bad.

Not so bad...? Does it hurt?
No. If one were to think of the phallus as a second degree lever, then the resistance is positioned very close to the fulcrum. In other words, the weight is being supported by my pelvis moreso than the phallus. It was also designed to be a custom fit, so it is quite snug without being too tight.

But... Is it comfortable for daily wear?
Not particularly.

Have you used it in the bedroom?
Yes - with my girlfriend.

Was she pleased?
Didn't seem to mind.

Can we see?

Well... what does that video look like?
It looks as though we are seeing through the eyes of a small creature whose face is being violently jumped upon by a much larger terrifying creature. The smaller creature seems powerless to break free from this suffocating exchange. As the viewer we are left to assume the view of someone sad, pathetic and helpless.

This sounds horrible. How do I get one?
You would have to make your own. However, you should not do that. If built and/or used incorrectly -- or even if made correctly and used for an extended period of time -- this device could potentially permanently injure a region of your body you likely do not want to permanently injure.

Yes. Screwing this up could lead to many terrible things including sprains, tissue tears, chronic pain or impotence. Not to mention - if your erection won't subside it may get stuck and cause an extremely dangerous medical condition. Imagine the trip to the emergency room with this thing on! You may be thinking you want to build this anyhow, but no. Don't make this.

In short - the following instructions are for entertainment purposes only. Do not make and/or use a device such as this. Seriously! Not a good idea!

Step 1: Required Materials

(x1) GoPro camera
(x1) 6″ x 6″ x 5/8″ 6061 aluminum
(x1) 12″ x 6″ x 1/4″ 6061 aluminum
(x1) 1″ x 12″ aluminum rod
(x2) M4 x 6mm bolts
(x4) M5 x 12mm bolts
(x1) M5 x 20mm bolt
(x1) M5 x 35mm bolt

<p>Think old school washing machine the next time you strap that thing on. The counter weights kinda look like a ringer.</p>
<p>Finally, I can experience what all the excitement is about!</p><p>How does it stay on after you're....finished? I think tightening it would be ill advised.</p>