The PPlanter is a rapidly deployable, reconfigurable public urinal and sink that uses modular biofilters to treat urine and wastewater. A network of sensors for automated monitoring and a responsive web application enable public feedback and participation in the design of future iterations. The project is one in a toolbox of rapidly deployable urban green infrastructure prototypes designed by the Hyphae Design Laboratory in collaboration with the non-profit Urban Biofilter. 

Transform your street, neighborhood, or city! Make public urination more positive!

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Step 1: Materials List

Planter components:
2 or more palletized LDPE bulk bins with metal support structure
Irrigation pipe (??)
Signage/Door Materials (polypro
LDPE sheet
Rear screen
Locking mechanism for door

Urinal + Sink
PET-G – enough for urinal, sink, and sink privacy screen
MDF for mold
Wood glue
Ecourinal Cartridge
Foot pump
P-trap (U pipe for under sink)
Hose for fresh water supply
Pipe for greywater, threaded to connect to P-trap on one end, urinal on the other
Filter media for urine/greywater
Urine / greywater tank(s) – 1, partitioned, or 2: filtration area + storage area
Freshwater tank or direct connection to freshwater supply
Pump from urine/greywater tank + hose
Lower pumpout
Connection from pump hose to blulock
Blulock piping: ¾” or 1” (as long as it’s all the same diameter!) to take greywater + urine to planters
Pipe fittings [Elbows (4?), Ts, Blu-lock to male threaded connector (2, or more), Female threaded plug]
Hose Clamps
Line Clean attachment (backwash?)

Sensors / Electrical:
Microcontroller (Arduino Uno)
Liquid level float sensors (4 or more)
IR distance sensor (3 or more)
Push button (1)
LED lights
Flow meter for freshwater usage + urine/greywater generation
Wires, alligator clips
Plexiglass case for electronics
Linux WiFi shield
12V battery
Solar PV panel
inverter (12V to 120V)
Interior light for urinal/sink
Wiring for interior light

Towel rack or towel dispenser + towels
Soap dispenser
Urine funnel dispenser + urine funnels
display screens
Exterior lighting
Maybe we can make HHO or something using very similar design,. But concept is greatastic! Ther is definitwly something here,., i cam smell it! Maybe that's pee but still... heehee,..
Heck yesSS!! Let's make the P155 outta these! They should be on every BLOCK instead of Stahbux.,! I'm IN!
<p>Regardless of what everyone says here, I THINK THIS IS A GREAT IDEA!....</p>
i am interested in the chemical process to justify using this setup. Urine, to be used as a fertilizer, needs about 10 gallons of water for every gallon of pee. Also, the high salt content of urine really kills the bacteria in soil beneficial for the health of the entire plant ecosystem. <br> <br>while nitrogen is an excellent fertilizer, the type found in urine will burn most plants, except when diluted as described above and will work at best in citrus plants that really crave it... <br> <br>Urine has many incredible properties, there are scientists at NASA, true rocket scientists, working at it to deal and solve problems like how reclaim it, even the national park service in the us needs to dispose of urine from visitors in remote parks without dumping it into the soil creating a much bigger problem. so i am curious at this point to know if the size of the planter and the plants used only work as a buffer for awhile, until the inevitable destruction by straight pee takes place, in other words, what is the lifetime of this setup before it needs replacing? <br> <br>
In my opinion, the majority of people would likely use this while out drinking, not on a daily basis. I personally have never been caught by surprise unless a significant volume of beer was involved. If that was the standard use, wouldn't the urine be diluted already? I know it's a much lighter color, sometimes appearing to be clear. I assume that means less urea in the urine? Would that be the same as adding water after peeing?
Too much technology for such little results... <br> <br>Why not use natural slopes so that gravity carries water downhill through tanks and onto gardens. Save on a bit of the electronics in there, as well - some of it seems like technology for technology's sake.. <br> <br>Use trapped rainwater to both dilute urine and wash hands ~ raised roof for filling the water tank would also shelter urinals and sinks.. Existing street lighting could light inside of structures, through the gaps above and below wall panels, and maybe some translucent roof panels as well? <br> <br>Fixed screens and partitions would be simpler, cheaper and more practical than a sliding screen.. Everything doesn't have to be in a straight line, either - a curve can be more efficient, and a spiral with the urinal at the centre even more effective again.. <br> <br>For use around many larger sports venues, entertainment precincts, or even temporary use in disaster zones or refugee camps, urinals would need to be in sets of 5-10, and maybe in 4-5 locations to cope with the numbers. <br> <br>Better aesthetics, economy and management, when compared to &quot;portaloos&quot;..
This looks like a solution looking for a problem. The only people shown to be working on this or using this are women. Can women use this? <br> <br>Maybe you don't realize, but guys don't really need this much privacy to pee outside...
Hey there! Thanks for visiting. We had men working on the project too, and our men/women user ratio was about 4 to 1. That said, we had disposable urine funnels for ladies which worked great for peeing standing up!
Not sure if you live in a decent sized city, but public urination is a big problem where I live. It's really gross to step outside my building into a puddle left behind by someone. I think if they added a toilet seat to this, they would get a lot of unwanted &quot;solid&quot; waste. Additionally, other than the occasional drunk girl outside a bar, it's mostly men that are guilty of this. I think it's a great idea, and would love to see these in my town.
Interesting project. You certainly put a lot of work into what appears to be a working prototype. Why did you form your own sink and urinal instead of using commercially available units ?
Is that chick seriously standing up to pee?
Sure is, her name is 'Bill'inda...
The pictures seem to show a lot of females working on this. I wouldn&acute;t have thought they would get much use out of this. Is there some non-obvious reasons why so many females would work on something they probably won&acute;t get to use?
It's possible they gain from not having to see gents pissing openly in the street ;) Public urination law is cruel and inhumane in my opinion, but it's pretty bad form to just whip it out anywhere!
I'm a lady, and without a funnel I can urinate while standing. It's difficult to use a urinal, but I can use a toilet with the seat up no problem. It just takes boredom on a camping trip and a LOT of water. ;)
This is the best comment I have ever read on Instructables. Ever.
It can be done without, but there are things like this: http://www.rei.com/search?query=Pee+funnel ... I think pretty much any funnel will do.
I cannot believe that a female could stand up and try to do what comes naturally into that urinal, without getting their shoes wet, not to mention everything else.How embarrasing it would be for them with their knickers down around their ankles for all to see, whilst bending over backwards trying to relieve themselves, surely this cannot be a serious sollution to a recycling of human waste problem.
How many people is this designed for? i.e, how many can regularly use it before it becomes swamped and the 'reed bed' part overflows/floods? Also, as the soil becomes full of ammonia from the urine, what stops it smelling?
As with all urinals, stains on the floor (ground) under it. Some things just can't be fixed.
When you're a guy a wall fountain is a urinal.
Or a bush, or tree, stump, curb, brick wall, car tire, ......
A+mazing! I love the clear sink too.<br> <br> This thing is screaming for a video tour/explanation of the systems though.
ditto and what they said!
I second that request! Video tour please.
Where does a woman sit?
Is it only for 7 foot girls? Nice idea!
This is EPIC!!! <br>Must have been a fun project.. <br> <br>thanks for sharing!
With security camera overlooking, it is &quot;secure&quot; as well :0
This is awesome, please make sure it's well marked though, I once had an incident with an ill placed wall fountain. I'm still not convinced it wasn't supposed to be a giant urinal.
Great project! I love the combination as well as the sentiment. You can see qhat you pee for, so to speak...

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