Introduction: PROFITEROL

About: i m Aisenur . and i m 16. i m living adana city of Turkiye . i m on third grade of high school . i love making origami and mathematics so much ...they re my life :)


For Dough:

one glass of water (boiled)
one glass of flour
one teaspoon of salt
two tablespoons of sugar
100 g butter
4 eggs

For Filling Cream

three galsses of milk
four tablespoons of flour
six tablespoons of sugar
vanilia or another aroma
100 g butter

and the chocolate sauce...

Step 1: Making the Dough

Melt the butter...then add the boiled water,flour , salt and sugar ... cook it stirring... then add the eggs and mix it....

Step 2: Cooking...

take little pieces from dough and put the baking tray...then cook it ....175 degree...30-40 minutes...

Step 3: Filling Cream...

melt the butter then add flour . then add milk ... stir it continuous... then add sugar and vanilia... and cook it....

Step 4:

cut them like a sandwich... fill them with cream...

Step 5: And the Final...

add the chocolate sauce and .... it s ready... AFİYET OLSUN :)



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    These look really tasty!

    possibly glasses = cups, and 175 degrees is Celsius = 350 F


    1 reply

    yes i know but ... we use glasses and Celcius degree in this country :)