this is a modified piece of sh#t, turned into a high powered,6mm, spreading, shotgun
satan stands for
Shotgun Assault Targeted Attack Night. (it has a torch which can clip on, and i couldnt think of anything better to say starting with N. if u do plz tell me in the comment section.)
it shoots around 45 metres and cost me about $10 au dollars.
I will do an Instructable as soon as I get another one to do it with.
if you have any questions please ask me in the comment section.

<p>This is a SPAS12 its a shotgun not an assault rile</p>
Do you live in Au because if you do where do you get the bb's <br>
well there is a site that sells them online called airsoft australia.
''it shoots around 45 metres and cost me about $10 au dollars.''<br /> it cost for-hundred-thousand dollars to fire this weapon<br /> for 12 seconds...<br /> &gt;.&gt;<br /> anyway, looks kick-but, man!<br />
&nbsp;thanks! &nbsp;lol I set it on fire, and burnt it.
lol did it burn good? :p<br />
yeh but a shXTLOAD of black smoke.
nice is that sapose to be a Frenchi SPAS (Speshal Purpose Atomatic Shotgun)?????????????? or just a shotgun???????????????
not at all. first off its not automatic, and secondly its go ask your english teacher for some spelling help. lol JK.<br /> thanks!
my PC has problems so thats why i dont spell correctly. i myself am a good speller but my pc is slow and messed up
&nbsp;I kind of doubt that. you spelt perfectly well in that comment.
what i mean is some times my pc sticks some times like the black bar that letters com out of will stop and i think i didnt type so i hit back space and it earases some of my words or halfalso my pc is slower than a slog
too much over-compensation.
Go ask for grammar help!
You never talk in proper grammar. That was the old me..... back in april. From 3 months back I started commenting in full perfect grammar.
nice, lol
Gerroff, this is from november '09!
I'm saying that this is very old.
LOL, that name is from Futurama!
rly? I&nbsp;didnt get it from Futurama.<br />
post that instructable <br /> i want to build that<br /> <br />
&nbsp;BTW nintendo wii's are better....<br /> lolz xD
&nbsp;well then sub first. once u sub I'll post it.
hey thanks. oh I'll upload the pic in a few hours. it shoots 6mm bbs
&nbsp;LOVE the name !!! lol it looks scary!! what does it shoot?? metal bbs?&nbsp;<br /> post a pic of it firing at a box!! :) 5 stars by the way!

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