project spark uses a capacitor from a old camera to make a powerful blue spark that arcs between 2 copper wires

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Post more instruction on this, you clearly got <em>something</em> to work, but we'd like to know what it is....<br /> <br /> L<br />
well it got thrown out a couple of months ago as i metioned in the decription its a camera capacitor
&nbsp;yeah but that itself wont make a spark&nbsp;
im making a new one in a jar ill post soon
&nbsp;ok cool, I think this woulf make a good ignitor for my advanced combustion, I wonder how it will work with a chamber short
great minds think alike o.o<br />
&quot;<em>and fools fail to defer&quot;</em><br /> goes the saying.<br />
no respect,,,certainly NO deference--------you should know that ( not NO that) <br>i collect 'sayings and sayers' tnx
well i put the ignitor in a jar and glued it without thinking of the fumes from the glue in a airtight jar iset it off and there was a giant pink flame
that's weird, cos it really sounded like the piezo ignitor from an old lighter
big top secret spark thing<br /> are you 5 years old and think we were born yesterday?<br /> that is a electric stove lighter running on a AA battery<br />
Amazing I know?!?!??!?
&nbsp;its obviously justy a piezo igniter from an old lighter there is no capacitor<br /> its even tagged &quot;piezo&quot; and if thats not obvious enough i dont know what is

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