Finding a good location to project is the most important factor in getting your name up really big and really bright. You can make up for having a less powerful projector by paying close attention to the spots you pick, the lighting conditions, surface color, the distance from your car to the projections surface, every detail down to the audience that will see it. Below are suggestions for picking good projection locations:

Low Ambient Light:
Street lights, spotlights, illuminated advertisements; these are your enemy. Search for surfaces that are as far from light sources as possible. In some cases you might be able to temporarily cover certain lights with a heavy jacket or blanket, but in general fighting ambient light is a loosing battle. Don't even bother scouting for spots in the day time as you will end up getting your heart broken when you come back at night and find that your perfect spot is ruined by a single street light.

Bright Surface Color:
White surfaces will reflect much more light than dark ones. White stone, white tile, and painted white walls are ideal projection surfaces. It is possible to project on darker surfaces like brick but you will need to get the projector closer to the wall and hence not be able to get your imagery as big.

No Glass:
Avoid walls with a lot of windows and glass. Because light passes through glass instead of being reflected these areas of your image will appear blank.

Unobstructed View:
Trees, telephone poles, and traffic signage can all pose problems with getting a clear projection path. Placing the projector on the roof of the car will at least get you above most people and automobile traffic that might interfere.

How far you are away from your target projection surface has a lot to do with how big you can get your image. At a certain distance, however, you will start to loose brightness. It's a tradeoff but usually brighter and smaller is more noticeable than big and washed out. Depending on the lighting conditions and the color of the projection surface aim to position the projector between 4 - 10 traffic lanes away from the wall.

After going through all this trouble you want people to see your stuff, so make sure to pick spots where there is a lot of automobile and/or foot traffic. Areas near bars and clubs are good bets, especially later when they start letting out for the night.

Available Parking:
You will almost never find a legal parking spot that also meets all of the conditions listed above. The good news is, however, that once you pop your hood and start messing around with the battery most people will assume you are having car troubles and give you a break. This is accentuated if you are in a UHAUL van, then people will think you are moving and having car troubles.... “what a bad day they are having”.

I have never had a problem with people trying to mess with any of the equipment while doing a projection, but that could just be because of my generally thug-ish demeanor. It could be a good idea to bring a few friends. You should always roll deep.

I have had two encounters with police, one ended with them running my ID and letting me go, and the other ended with the cop saying, "Oh this looks cool, sorry, I had to come check it out because someone called and said there were some middle eastern looking people hanging out by the monument." This was probably because it was a city monument and because RESISTOR was crawling through the bushes with a camera wearing a ski mask. It is my understanding that it is legal to project in NYC as long as it is not over top of someone else's advertisement.

Click here to view locations in Manhattan and Brooklyn that I have found to be good projection locations.

<p>I think what you're doing is great, but it doesn't belong on a DIY instructions site. Nobody should need instructions for plugging things in, and the projector has its own manual already. <br><br>If you used this for a blog article instead you'd have a lot more room to talk about technique &amp; tell stories of using it, etc.</p>
<p>Is there software like this?:<br><a href="http://phys.org/news/2005-01-smart-projectors-require-artificial-canvases.html" rel="nofollow">http://phys.org/news/2005-01-smart-projectors-requ...</a><br><br>Or enthusiastic programmers who want to write such software.<br><br>PERFECT for &quot;Projection Bombing&quot; (also known as &quot;Guerilla Lighting&quot;).</p>
If You Wanted To Be Truly Hardcore, You Could Get Some Four Guage Cable From An Electrical Supply House (You Don't Need That Expensive Ass Amp Power Cable, Its A Little More Flexable, Butt the Stiff Stuff Just Takes A Little Planing And Bending), A Fuse Block And Run The Hot Cable All The Way To Where You Need It Underneath Trim And Carpet. I Would Suggest The Trunk Then You Could Mount The Inverter To The Under Side Of The Rear Deck (By The Speakers).And Run A Short Ground Cable To The Closest Big Bolt. Then Depending On The Type Of Trunk You Have You Could Work Out A Telescoping Mount To Extend It Out Of Your Trunk And Up In The Air To Avoid "Down In Front" Syndrome. My Buddies And I Use To Do This For Movie Night At The Abandoned Drive In Theater (Then Run Sound From The Laptop To The Car Stereo). For A Little More Clandestine Operation You Can Set The Projector On A Tripod In The Back Seat Aiming It Out The Side Window. Message Me For Any Logistical Questions, I'm Bad Ass At Car Mods.
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<div> <p> <a href="http://vimeo.com/71128597" rel="nofollow">PROJECTION JOY RIDE V1</a> from <a href="http://vimeo.com/dcbolt" rel="nofollow">DCBolt Productions</a> on <a href="https://vimeo.com" rel="nofollow">Vimeo</a>.</p> </div> A display is only as good as its content. In my opinion, the most effective projections accentuate the inherent beauty of the architectural canvas by playing into the existing geometry. That is what is so amazing about 3D Projection Mapping: Creating the illusions that take the audience on a ride, transforming their immediate environment. Our company, DCBolt Productions, specializes in 3D Projection Mapping &amp; Interactive Media. We do both indoor and outdoor projection mapping as well as custom LED installs and programming. As a test run for a project and because we are nerds, we did a mobile gorilla projection through the City of Chicago. Check out more of our work at www.dcboltproductions.com and feel free to reach out :)
<p>Great advertisement. </p>
<p>Intersting how many snippy comments are on this one that have led to um, lively discourse. Can't say I've ever seen so many on an instructable. As a graffiti artist it means you're doing something right if you get people talking. </p><p>Ya know, I think putting something like this at Washington Square park in New York City is perfect for an instructable but quite tame overall. I say roll it on down to Wall Street. Crank it up! A little social disobedience is just what the doctor ordered in today's world. </p>
<p>Cool technique!</p><p>I like the buildings more without the graffiti though.</p>
<p>Nice job, </p>
<p>How could you do this project with a bicyle? could you do it just with a carry on battery?</p>
<p>Awesome! I need to try doing this</p>
<p>&quot;between 4 - 10 traffic lanes away from the wall.&quot; </p><p>What is that in bike lanes? Or maybe in feet? </p>
<p>Where can I pick up a power converter like that? -Ron Johnson | http://craigroadstorage.com</p>
<p>This is so cool.</p>
It just look insane!! Good Job Guys!
This is actually projection mapping. Also called architectural projection, 3D mapping. Check youtube under any of the names. much more intense. Setup does take much longer due to the complexity. The software is also more expensive, with the cheapest I know of at around 200. <br>The time and cost is higher, but the effect that can be achived and the &quot;AH&quot; factor you will get it awesome<br>
too bad it now looks like there's a bomb in your car :P
In my opinion this is visual pollution. If I'm going to France for the first time and visiting the L'Arc De Triomphe, the last thing I need to see is some juvenile tool &quot;projection bombing&quot; one of the beautiful landmarks of that country. What is it with teens and early twenties today that they have to shove their message(s) in your face? Do you honestly think we need advertising on the side of something so beautiful which took talented people many years to build? If you want to &quot;projection bomb&quot; do it on the side of some abandoned building. Do it someplace that is ugly already, not on something that has incredible intrisinic beauty that is marred and defaced by your adolecent garbage. <br /> <br /> Plus, messing with the electricity in a city lamppost could easily electrocute someone who touches it later after one of you dorks rewires it wrong, or does a shoddy job and one of the wires grounds against the housing. There is a reason why doing that is against the law. I know I sound like a curmudgeonly old man when I say this, but what is it with the youth of today that they are so incredibly desperate to be noticed? Even if that recognition is negative? Weren't you held as children? Didn't daddy tell you that you were pretty? Didn't mommy listen to your silly stories and tell you, you were &quot;special&quot;? Project this junk in your apartment and laugh for hours as you take another hit from the bong and leave the public monuments alone. Mmmmmmk?<br /> <br />
Hey, you curmudgeonly old man! There's something called 'being nice'. I hope you've heard of it. We guys at Instructables have a policy on it. Thank you and please, think about the niceness you can achieve using internal mental energy balance and stuff. <br> <br>
Really, the image shown is quite pretty. I think that, at night, it even enhances the beauty of the architecture, if the right artwork is used. And the references to smoking and parental neglect were quite unnecessary and show up your invalid arguments. Besides, it's not like it happens all the time. I believe that defacing a building with permanently and/or with <strong>offensive</strong> images is wrong, but I mean <strong><em>really</em></strong>? Smoking pot and growing up without parental support are quite another matter. Although I do agree that abandoned buildings are good, but can be used as supplements, not exclusively. Go to France and see L'Arc de Triomphe, and then try saying this again. And come on, how about a rephrase. (polllution, dorks, shove, garbage???)<br> And no, you're not a curmudgeonly old man. It's just a sore subject.
lolololololololol you so dad-core lolololololololol
personaly, i think its great your so against it. that how all great art is. people hate it until the artist is ethier dead or in jail, or until the dirty hypocrits try it for themselves. i also like the fact your promoting drugs...hehehe.
&quot;Weren't you held as children? Didn't daddy tell you that you were pretty? Didn't mommy listen to your silly stories and tell you, you were &quot;special&quot;? Project this junk in your apartment and laugh for hours as you take another hit from the bong and leave the public monuments alone. Mmmmmmk?&quot; I love how you seem to think that people who weren't loved and/or do drugs do this stuff. I can say that I come from a close and loving family, and if I had the talent to do stuff like this, I would. What's wrong with it? It's better than using spray paint, stickers or glued-on graphics. Even those are beautiful. I think pretty much everybody has gone past some street art and at one point thought, &quot;Wow! That's amazing!&quot; <br>*Sigh* People these days. <br>
Thats uh... the Washington Square Arch? Projection bombing is part of the culture there, people <br>Its like saying when you go to the Aberdeen Proving Grounds, the last thing you want to see is someone shooting stuff
Except its not L'Arc De Triomphe :-)
I disagree. Since this is only a temporary projection of an image, how can it be &quot;visual pollution&quot;? Really, do you have to psychoanalyze this project?<br><br>I think this is a cool project and as long as people are &quot;responsible&quot; with what they are projecting and where (ie, don't blind drivers of cars or pilots of airplanes) I can see nothing at all wrong with it. In my opinion it's a way to create some stunningly beautiful night-time attractions.
I'm sorry that you have to hear this(just not sorry enough that I won't tell you) but you are my least favorite type of person. This is art. What, just because you don't like what they're doing it's wrong? Since when is art about doing what's right? I believe that art is about making a statement and making it known. Not 'Shoving it in peoples faces'. And what 'rewiring' are you talking abou?. 1) open panel 2)find connecter 3)place plug in connecter. No rewiring needs to be done here!
I, personaly, think this &quot;projection bombing&quot; is buetifull (sorry I can't spell) it shows the usefullness of light its creative and its nonpermanant
Depending on what it is it could be fairly cool.
Alright, so I plan to get a 4000 lumen projector, a 12v 100amp deep cycle battery and a 2000w ac power inverter. Do I need a secondary battery? I really don't want to use a car but would a generator work? Or am I ok with those three items.<br><br>Also, would a 100mw green laser damage my camera? I guess I should ask about cameras.... what's a good (and cheap) camera for this? <br>Thanks
A 100AH battery will last 36 minutes:<br><br>100AH / (2000W / 12V) = ~0.6 Hours<br><br>0.6*60 = 36 min<br><br>Adding a secondary battery in parallel will increase capacity.<br>Using a generator would work, but it will be noisy.<br><br>A 100mw laser will damage an unprotected camera. I have seen 100mw lasers burn thin plastic.
I just anted to know if there was a resource to pin down the legality of projection bombing. I assume if you are projecting from a public space or a private space that you have permission to be on then you are ok, but what about the things that you are projecting onto? do you need permission, or a permit? i have not found any reference to any law about this and would like to have something to rest on if the law comes knocking while i am projecting, can some one give me some direction? Any legal reference for the US or Australia would be helpful.
If I am not mistaken the purpose of art is to stir emotions and invoke feeling and this most certainly does. Great job mates!
don't you need a webcam? and some laser pointers?
the sydney vivid festival projected video onto the opera house
I love it, great way to express yourself without all the mess and cleanup of spray-paint.

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