Step 3: Glue the Servos in the Ribs

Attach a servo arm that is just linear to each servo.

Once the plexiglass ribs are cut, embed the servos in each rib. Sand down the plexiglass if you are having trouble fitting the servo in.  Make sure that the servo arm can spin freely.  If not, readjust the fitting of the servo inside the plexiglass so that it can. Use epoxy to hold them in place.
<p>A snakelike robot. Fantastic.</p>
<p>Hi! can i see the schematic diagram? thanks</p>
Tomorrow's world! Great work, fantastic idea, brilliant ethic.
Congrats on being a finalist, and good luck!
Wouldn't it be better to house the brains in the middle where the stronger/larger ribs are? Also the ends would presumably be more at risk than the middle.
thanks for that thought - I ill consider that for the next prototype
Has it successfully moved through the ocean yet? (And if so, is there a video?)
I am so happy to see this instuctables!!! Suitcase!!!! You rock! i am your #1 fan!
<br> Great Autonomous Idea, Would need to be pretty large to not get fouled<br>in Debri in The North Pacific Gyre. A &quot;Green&quot; support vessel would be<br>needed also. A Sail Assist with a powerplant similar to Foss's Hybrid Tugs<br> would be suitable for this application. A gasification plant onboard for<br>the waste harvested could further reduce fuel needs. <br><br> TallShip Kaisei is working towards a solution also:<br><br>http://www.projectkaisei.org/index.aspx<br><br> My visit to and Island in The Gyre:<br><br>http://coyoteshark.blogspot.com/2009/07/kingman-reef-plastic-island-my-visit.html<br><br> A small version would be handy to roam the bilges of a Detroit Diesel<br>powered vessel I am working on too.......<br><br>
Superb idea! You have my gratitude for investing your time and resources into mitigating our damage to the planet. I'll vote for you in the arduino contest - good luck!
Awesome project, and I like that it's version 7 of this concept!

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