Step 5: Protecting Your Insides...

Now that you have a hole in your ps2 case, it's time to add a preotective covering, while still being able to see through the cutout.
Clear strong plastic works well, such as acrylic, but if you're like me, you don't just have a panel of acrylic just lying around for such a purpose. A good alternatve to this is a simple cd case. it's clear, strong enough for this purpose, as ther'll be no weight applied to it, and is thin enough to add without interfering with the insides of your ps2.
Another good alternative is an actual cd, with the label removed.
That sucks... you cant use this on the slim redesign.
Very nice, I would add plexiglass with led in it already. 4.5/5
hey im doing a decepticon sign on mi ps2 but i cant figure out how to cut right so i can get the shape
Try printing the logo out and using it as a template. Masking tape comes off clean, so I'd recommend it.(I've used it fluently on all 6 case mods I've done) I also used a Dremel cutoff disc for the large pieces, and either a sanded down cutoff disc(run the edges of it spinning on some sandpaper, or hard metal) or a grinding bit(chainsaw grinding bit is what it said on my package.) For really detailed stuff, try an engraving bit.
awesome, you inspired me to super mod my ps2, so far I have done a window mod (in the shape of a tri-force from zelda), filled in the ridges in the sides (it's and old fat ps2) and painted it white, and once I can get my hand on some I will be putting a couple of yellow leds to the tri-force will glow when the ps2's on.
Nice! What are you planning on powering the LEDsfrom?the usb port, or maybe the same source as the fan runs on? I power all 9 of mine from the fan's source, but before that used the usb port, and that worked decently...Let us know!
I found a diagram to solder a them to an extra space on the mother board, Ill try and find it.
found it<br/><br/><a rel="nofollow" href="http://psx-scene.com/forums/attachments/ps2-case-modding-customization/6518-help-led-ps2-please-solderpoints.jpg?d=1107212973">http://psx-scene.com/forums/attachments/ps2-case-modding-customization/6518-help-led-ps2-please-solderpoints.jpg?d=1107212973</a><br/><br/>it's 12v so It will need a resistor, how hard was it to set them up with the fans power source, as now that seems easier than ripping the whole thing apart and putting my (very poor) soldering skills to use on the board.<br/>
Well, the fan on mine had a connector between the fan and the motherboard,so i just cut the wires about midway,stripped about 1/4 inch off, and twisted the wires from the LEDs and the fan together. I soldered them together, re-connected it back to the motherboard, and since i had a resistor already wired into the led's on the case, i didn't worry about it. Hope this helps!
Don't worry about the camera, Pics were fine. This is a cool mod that looks entirely easy to do. I will add that for about 12.00 best buy sells light up led fans for computer cases that blink/flash and they have 2 or 3 sizes to choose from. I installed one one these in my plexiglass sided desktop and it actually lights up the room! Target also sells a strip of led's with a lighter plug on it for use in a car that could easily be modded for this. they were about 4.95. Computer shows are a great place to find things of this nature, check the net to see if there are any shows in your area! Again Great mod! I am looking forward to trying it out!
Looks cool! I have two PS2s, (got one free), so i will have to try this! But, you stole my biohazard idea. Damn. +++++
Yeah the biohazard sign is such a sweet sign, but it seems a few people use them now on computers etc.
Please invest in a digital camera instead of a webcam.
I apologize for the low quality of the images. I will update them with better ones as soon as i can.
I apologize for the low quality of the images. I will update them with better ones as soon as i can. This is my very first instructable, so i've yet to get the hang of this.

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