Picture of Flash Drive in a Memory Card (PS2)
This Instructable is about how to put a usb flash drive into a Memory Card's case. It isn't very hard and so it won't take you more than about 15 Minutes. This is my first Instructable, so please let me know what you think about it!

Step 1: Opening the Memory Card

Picture of Opening the Memory Card
For this little project you'll need:

1 Memory Card
2 Flash Drive
3 Screwdriver or knife
4 Dremel or a rasp
5 Sticky tape

At first you have to remove those tiny screws on the backside of your Memory Card to open it. If you don't have a fitting screwdriver just use a knife or something else.
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dmazzo4 years ago
Thanks for this man! The case on my USB drive fell off the other day. I wanted an easy way to add a new cool case. It just so happens that thursday I took a PS1 memory card to GameStop and they wouldn't take it. So I used that.
hvac20107 years ago
....Thanks im accually tryin to build a computer out of a ps2 case and want to keep it as original looking as i can....this is perfect!!!! now i just have to modify the memory card slot so it'll works thanks....
you would have to use the old ps2 what i want to do is get a really old laptop (the first ones) and upgrade it to the MAX!
Epic OverClocking!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
simple thing, just get a mac mini and but it in a ps2 case! TA DA!
You could keep the memory slots how they are, strip the insides of memory cards, put inside them a USB flash drive but remove the USB plug, solder the connections of the card to where the USB plug should be, and wire the PS2 case memory card slots to be USB. If you get me - I'm kinda getting carried away! I could probably make you a diagram if you want. But there are USB sockets on the PS2 anyway so there isn't much need. The other option is to simply buy one of those cheap Playstation controller to USB adapters like this one, then you can even use the playstation controllers for games if you wanted and connect the USB internally. I could keep thinking of stuff but I need a break now. It's been a while since I did a project like that.
..ya i kinda git u but a diagram would be nice....
OK lol here are diagrams of putting USB keys inside of a Playstation memory card and also another diagram for keeping the controller sockets how they are and using them for game pads as PS2's have USB anyway. The diagrams are messy but I hope they can help! Of course if you just wanetd to use your PS2 as a computer, have a look at this, which is a kit to run Linux on your playstation.
Playstation Mod Pic 1.jpgPlaystation Mod Pic 2.jpg
thanks for the diagrams...and i had looked into the linux converstion before. its acually what gave me the idea to do this but i want it to run xp. thanks again.
Cool. One thing you will need to check out is how it's all going to fit in there! I mean personally I don't own a PS2 but a few of my mates do, and I found a knackered one on eBay for about £10/$20 which I might buy just to experiment with. Also you may have trouble fitting the power supply for the PC in there, so I thought that it might be best if you used the insides of a laptop as they are already compact. Otherwise a mini-atx motherboard and mini-atx slim PSU unit may work.
ya it took me a while to rind all the parts im gona need and i think i know what im gona git but im still trying to git the money....ins still desiding between a laptop and regular cd drive i need to figure out how to use the original ps2 eject button on a slim cd drive that would be helpful if some one could help...i really dont have a guide to go on so it will take some work....
sounds like it could be interesting. upload pics when it's finished.
Earths_hope5 years ago
Nice, the memory card is a ps2, then a ps1 mem card
zimmemic256 years ago
nice instructable, but the title suggests the possibility of using flash drives for PS2...
E_MAN6 years ago
I like it! But it seams strange, take apart one type of storage to make another. It does look cool.
in half the pics the memory card is blue then in the other half of the pics it's black
MrUniverse (author)  sergentslaughter6 years ago
Sry, it is because I forgot to make pictures of the black memory card, so I just took apart the blue one in order to explain what to do...
dude you don't have to apoligize im just busting your balls....
Ahahahahaha... I lol'd at "im just busting your balls..."
lol me to
jose19806 years ago
what i was really looking for is a way to use the usb sockets of the ps2 to save game data. why would i want to put a usb drive into a memory card case? thanks anyway. If you can help me with my case, I,d really appreciate it.
Its the same as putting a flash drive in a cork, apple, altoids tin, duct tape, zippo, eraser, lego block... Because it looks cool lol
John Smith7 years ago
can you use the memory in the ps2 usb slots?
MrUniverse (author)  John Smith7 years ago
No, I just used the case of the memory card. I think it would work with the PS3, but as far as I know the PS2 only works with Sony (EyeToyCam etc.) products.
kraM MrUniverse7 years ago
you can also charge an i pod from the usb ports at least i think you can, but i did do that with the slim ps2
stock the ps2 usb will work with certain Ethernet adapters (linksys 10/100 usb comes to mind, the old red and black one)
yes and no. definately yes, if you've got the linux kit installed. Possibly, depending on the thumbdrive, and mods made to the ps2. Stock ps2, no, and WHY woould you want to? If you're careful, and protect the board, the memory card can still be used normally, even after being de-cased
Stock ps2, no, and WHY woould you want to? memery card: 8mb flash drive:>1gb
gheesh, how many saved games do you HAVE? Sorry, I just don't see it. My 16MB card didn't fill up in all the years I had my PS2, and I played a LOT. Is there a game that takes huge amounts of save-game space?
ha, no. i havent played PS2 in years. ok, a few months. i'm not into games much. but i always rememebred out 8mb card getting filled up. might just be me though.
That's what I was thinking. But then, if we're gonna go through the trouble of moddinbg the PS2 to use the flash drive, it might as well have a hard drive in it.
hehe, I'd like to see that too, but the harddrive I was refering to was the INTERNAL 3.5"drives... that can be installed with the network adapter.(add a keyboard, and bootdisk and it sold as a linux-on-the-PS2 kit)
great point.
it work with the ps3 looks like a great accent old and new
I be interested in seeing a Instructable for placing a hard drive in PS2 memory case. ( That worked on the PS2)
kazmilk7 years ago
Grey_Wolfe7 years ago
I enjoy the creativity of this. But I wonder why one would want to do it? PS cards are larger than most flash cards, which kinda takes away from the point. I mean, it makes sense if your flash case is compromised/broken. What if, maybe, it was retractable? Then it would serve a stealth purpose, as currently, someone is less likely to swipe you memory card than your flash drive? Don't take me wrong, I think it's cool. It just doesn't seem to have much extra purpose, and I was wondering your motivation behind it.
Ok not sure if you would know but could one use this memory card to plug into the computer and transfer files to it -being the memory card.- such as gamesaves or something.
As the usb flash card, you can (IRC), but you might need to have a hard drive installed in your PS2 in order to access the card, haven't tried it. Or have something like an AR (Action Replay) disc. My AR actually came with a USB drive so that you could update codes, and download saves. It would allow you to transfer the saves to the PS memory card. I had to use the AR to access it, but that may have been simply the way the card was formatted. I may be a bit off on this though, the PS2 comes standard with usb slots, so I'd think you should be able to use a flash card in it, but I just haven't gotten around to messing with it too much. That was probably more of an answer than you were asking for. Sorry 'bout that, but I hope it helps.
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