PS3 on Dialup


Introduction: PS3 on Dialup

In thisinstructable i will show you how to run a ps3 on dialup internet.
To Do This You Will Need:
1: A Computer With A Lan And Dialup Adapter
2: Windows XP or Later
3: A Ethernet Router
4: 2 Ethernet Cable's(Only One Needed If Router Supports WiFi)

Step 1: Setup ICS(Internet Connection Sharing) on the Computer With Dialup.

I will only cover how to in windows vista/7

1:Open Up A Windows Explorer Window and Enter
Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Network and Sharing Center  in the address bar and hit enter
2: On the left side of the window click: Change Adapter Settings.
3: Right Click Your Dial-up connection And Click Properties
4: Click Sharing
5: Enable: Allow other network users to connect through this computer's internet connection
6: Click OK

Step 2: Connect Ethernet Cables.

1: Connect A Ethernet Cable To The Back of you pc.
2: Connect The Other end into your router.MAKE sure its inserted into the INTERNET plug As Shown

Step 3: Connect Ethernet Cable From Router to PS3(Skip IF Router Has Wifi)

Step 4: Going Online

1: Connect To Internet With Dialup Pc
2: Turn On PS3
3: Setup Your PS3 Internet Connection as you would with dsl and you done.



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    Sega's last console used dial up..... This is a horrible idea, it's like introducing termites to someone's house, now multiplayer is going to lag. I bet you did this to surf the internet because u live in a rural area.