Step 6: And your done

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All left to do now, is connect it to your PS3 and attach the controls.

On a side note if anyone knows electronics and can provide a schematic for making it run of mains or something then leave a note or drop me a line.
Andrew2_24 years ago
some ipod chargers with usb ports might work
camb007 years ago
for running it on the mains you coul buy a ipod thingey and mod it or spray it ..........
You could attempt to find out the voltage delivered to the controller (I'm guessing it's somewhere between 5 and 7) and find a cellular phone charger that uses the same voltage and also has a mini-usb plug. The mini USB plug is pretty common on newer phones, so as long as the voltage is within a tolerable range, it should be pretty painless to replace the USB cables with USB chargers.
for some reason u cant charge a ps3 controller with that it only works on a computer.
Arathefu ktalex5 years ago
You're wrong, DS3 can be charged with almost any USB port.
ktalex Arathefu5 years ago
I tried to charge it on my bluetooth headset charger but it just wouldnt charge.
Arathefu ktalex5 years ago
Maybe your headset charger is somehow protected against charging anything that's not a headset?