PS3 Controller Decorated With an Iron Man Dr.Pepper Can.




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Introduction: PS3 Controller Decorated With an Iron Man Dr.Pepper Can.

Well, I had nothing to do one day. I was looking at my finished Dr.Pepper can and took time to appreciate the design. Well it shouldn't go to waste, right? Then looking at a controller, I always thought that it could use sprucing up, I just never had a good idea on what to do with it.
I thought that there was no way this could work. But, I had nothing better to do then to cut up cans.
Took about a day to do. Nothing fancy used. Scissors, hobby knife (is that what it's called?) Sharpie, can opener, and glue I bought at a craft shop.
Perhaps this might inspire someone else.
Full Instructables later, maybe? Probably not.



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    Sorry for taking so long. If it's worth anything now, all I did was remove the faceplate, place it on the back of pieces and colored in the holes where the buttons go with a sharpie.


    No, I didn't take any special precautions to protect it. I couldn't think of anything at the time. But clear coat, I'll probably try that

    I wasn't thinking about protecting the controller, I was thinking about protecting my hands... Are there any sharp edges exposed?


    Actually, I haven't managed To cut myself yet. I've run my fingers along the edges with nothing happening, and the area around the buttons is actually protected by the buttons themselves because they don't go deep enough to get enough exposure to get cut. I've only run into one instance that you could actually hurt yourself, but this only happens if you intentionaly try to hurt youself.

    That's pretty neat!