Introduction: PS3/4 Controller LED Mod

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Make your controller glow when it vibrates!

You will need -

-2 1.5" pieces of scrap wire

-soldering iron

-PS3/4 controller (duh)

-I used a spare LED

-sand paper or rough edge

-Clear controller buttons / you can some online or give my .dwg a go if you have a 3D printer (mine are 3D printed)

I also included a .dwg for an analog stick extender for ps3 controllers :)

If you try printing the buttons I would recommend printing with the visible side up. I tried it several different ways and it turned out the best that way. Also If you aren't used to using clear (at least the one I did) it burns easy!



Step 1: Disassemble

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Unscrew the five screws on the back of the controller.

Step 2:

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Pop of the back plate from the middle in between the hand grips.

Step 3: Detach the Battery

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Self explanatory... be careful not to tear the wire.

Step 4: Remove the Top Board

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The top board is held in with a screw located in between the two analog stick mounts.

Step 5: Detach the Clips

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The white clips on either side of both rumbler need to be squeezed in to remove the board.

Step 6: Removal

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Completely take the controller out of the shell.

Step 7: New Buttons!

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Remove the rubber covering and old buttons.

(now might be a good time to remove any Doritos dust)

Step 8: Get Your Buttons Ready

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Either 3D print your buttons from my .dwg in the intro or find the ones you bought.

Step 9:

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Insert the new buttons. Mine fit all of the slots so it doesn't matter which goes where like the stock ones. You might need to sand and file the button s or tabs of the side for a good fit. Good rule of thumb: if you hold the controller shell face down and push the buttons up from the other side you should feel NO resistance.

Step 10: LED Time

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On old controller the leads will be located don by the actual analogs. On newer controllers the leads are on the back of the small board on the top of the frame. solder one piece of your scrap wire onto each lead. hop into a game with the controller on and hold down any button that would cause vibration. Touch the wires to the LED to make sure you put the right terminal to the right wire, then solder the LED to the wires. Bend the wire to the general area shown in the picture. Point the LED straight down for the best result.

Step 11: Reassemble

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-replace the rubber cover for the buttons

-clip in the board (then the smaller board)

-replace the board screw

- replace any r1,r2,l1,l2 button that fell out

- reattach the battery

Hold the shell at an angle and hook the r2 l2 buttons into the shell to close.

Firmly press the shell together until it clicks on and put all 5 screws back in.

(PUTTING THE BOARD SCREW OR SHELL SCREWS IN TO TIGHT WILL MAKE THE CONTROLLER SPAS OUT!) make sure you test your controller before you put your tools away.

Step 12: Test Drive

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again make sure everything is in working order. When your controller vibrates the LED should light up all four buttons.

If you enjoyed this project vote for me in the make it glow contest :)

If you need help with your mod please let me know in the comment section

- SCVNGR Designs


SCVNGR Designs (author)2016-01-22

Masonlamb19- nope power is constantlyy supplied to the rumbler when active.

masonlamb19 (author)2016-01-22

very nice idea but wouldn't this just cause it to flicker when the controller vibrates only?

smcmasters1 (author)2015-11-30

I imagine the same should be possible for the d-pad? Just switch it out and add in an led running the wires from the rumble pack?

The End of A Heartache made it! (author)2015-11-02

Great job, I normally mod my ps3 controller. Just a quick FYI for all who is trying this out for themselves. 1. Each controller model is different determining on the year your PS3/PS4 console was made or where you bought your replacement or spare. BE CAREFUL of cheap knock offs. 2. There are sites online where you can find where you can tap and voltage information. determining on what "board version you have" 3. Ebay sells modded transparent and colored replacement parts for your PS3/PS4 controller. Be aware, they can at times be pricey and if you get them from hongkong, Beijing expect a complete month and a week for your product to come in.

With that here is my take, I bought the parts off ebay although if I did have a 3D pirnter I would be make more parts and maybe a transparent or smoke shell like that of the first edition sixaxis controller without tumblers. Instead of regular 5mm or 3mm LED i used SMD that are .0206mm and old computer wire solder them to the tumbler and set them in my trigger. I found a common 3.5volt on my board and ran my LED to it and through the home botton. I did a switch that lets me disable the home and top trigger LED. The bottom trigger LED turns on when the rumbler kicks in.

Where would I find the different models of the inside of my ps3 controller? I once bought a new shell from ebay, and it didn't fit at all, so i figured, as you said, that there must be different models.

SCVNGR Designs (author)magnuswf2015-11-03

You probably got a badly molded shell. The old and new version should fit in each others shells. I fried a board in an old one and put a new board in it and it fit like a glove. The only difference is the small board on the top of the new inner. I've never looked into clear shells only triggers, buttons, and analogs. I would recomend looking for a different. Try to look for one with high stars on something like Amazon.

Darthorso (author)2015-11-02

Now THAT'S how you style up a controller :)

nerd7473 (author)2015-11-02

Cool project man. ...

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