Picture of PS360 Controller
Hey all, I decided to go and take a serious crack at this thing (again) finally. I started on one over 4 years ago (back around late 07 early 08) and it just didn't really hold my interest and kinda fizzled out. I didn't have a PS3 at that point either, so it would of been real fun to try and test it out had I finished it and troubleshooting it would have been impossible. Plus doing it the way I was going about it with the older 'Matrix' style 360 board was just more of a headache than it was worth.

Not to take anything at all from the one Ben Heckendorn did, but using tact switches for every button isn't my thing. This one uses the 360 controller's board (stripped of almost every component) as to use it's button's contacts, so it 'feels' like a 360 controller does, as far as pushing buttons goes you can't tell one from the other. I did the Duke360 and 360 S-controller the same way. It's a load more work on the one hand, but pays off big time when yer all done and the controller doesn't feel any different at all.

Since my first go at this Sony has gone and made serious revision changes to the SixAxis boards and the new DualShock 3 uses these new changes as well.

M$ as well has made revision changes to both of their controllers (Wired and Wireless) and the new Wired CL version board (I'm using a Wireless shell though) makes for doing this thing a good deal easier than how it was going before with the older style 360 board.

With the release of the DS3 I figured may as well use it since the straight up SixAxis just sux, plus the 360 shell has room for the motors anyway, so it all just made sense and more work, but if yer gonna do it may as well stuff it all in there.

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nilay9131 year ago
So does the like R3 + L3 buttons not work on this then, btw nice job :)