K'Nex PSG-1





Introduction: K'Nex PSG-1

Okay, this is it. I know barrax already did one, and his was pretty good! So, I did my own! Here it is, pictures, as promised. ; )

UPDATE: Don't get too excited about instructions on the 20th. Also, I modded this to fire a Nerf dart shell round about 30 feet.

UP-UPDATE!: the-ruler-of-craziness posted it! This is it.



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    It looks a bit messy and bent.
    BTW: good lord, that stock.........

    This dosent look all that good, it bends upwards...

    Looks awful, doesn't look very powerful either, needs to be cleaned up.

    Yeah. Wasn't too powerful. I wouldn't say it looks awful, considering that it's my first original gun. If you'd like to clean it up and repost it, be my guest. I'm busy and have nowhere near as much time for K'Nex as I used to.

    i am in serious need of some ideas to bild outta knex ive looked everything up and no results do you have any

    Look everything up. Build what you don't see.

    Now we just need: Knex frf2, Knex AWP, and Knex M110 SAS.

    you sir, play too much Soldierfront.

    Used to play too much soldier front, and I was great at it too, but now I suck xD

    haha i saw that on those guns>_< u forgot the cheytac but they didn't had that in 2009 ^-^ well i used to play it too. i stopped alot of times so yea.

    ps mw2 is better :x (alterIWnetftw)