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Oke guys, here is my PSG-1! Follow the steps very carefully because you don't want to miss a single detail of this gun. I have to say this with all the pain in my heart but the range of this gun sucks. Owkey lets go and look for the pros and cons:

Actual size
comfy handle
great looks
stock size is changeable

Not very good range
no removeable mag
firing pin bends a lot

Step 1: The Barrel

Picture of The Barrel

Follow the notes and look at the pics.

Step 2: Magazine

Picture of Magazine

Just follow the pics. It's a very easy step.

Step 3: The Body and Handle

Picture of The Body and Handle

Step 4: The Stock

Picture of The Stock

This is a very easy step. Follow the pics.

Step 5: Scope and Scope Mount

Picture of Scope and Scope Mount

this is easy but still read the notes.

Step 6: Assembly and Banding!

Picture of Assembly and Banding!

Finaly you can put your gun together. but pay attention.

Step 7: You're Done!

Picture of You're Done!

you're done yééy! have fun with your brand new Heckler & Coch PSG-1!


OZKNEX22 (author)2013-04-08

Btw (Bt Th Way)

OZKNEX22 (author)2013-04-08

Btw I'm building in all bright Connecters!

OZKNEX22 (author)2013-04-08

Wow nice and neat looks exactly the same as a real PSG-1 :-) And how do you subscribe people?? Need help on that if you can thanks

inergy (author)2011-06-01

Wow this looks great! But no piece count.. Sad face.. I only build guns with piece counts..

War Hawk One (author)inergy2011-06-01

good thinking because this gun uses for about 120 yellow connectors

33devon (author)War Hawk One2011-12-03

but how much green rods does it uses

War Hawk One (author)33devon2011-12-04

hoezo praat je nu weer engels. ja sorry da weet ik echt nie meer. in ieder geval wel heel veel

33devon (author)War Hawk One2011-12-17

omdat degene waarop jij antwoorde engels sprak

War Hawk One (author)33devon2011-12-20

Ja maar hij was engels dus dan antwoord ik ook in het engels want anders begrijpt hij het denk ik niet. maar jij kunt gwn nederlands tegen mij praten. =D

XxsonicxX (author)War Hawk One2012-08-10

Ok, het maakt hoeveel groene staven gebruiken?

arjun1 (author)33devon2012-04-28

About 300 Green rods

headlessknight (author)2012-03-22

does anyone have a pieces count?

No, because almost everyone of my subscribers are to lazy to make a piece count. And I can't do it because I don't have k'nex anymore. Sorry mate. I guess that you will have to just start building it and see how far you come, or you count it from the pictures. But I personally think that that's a waste of time. Ether way, good luck and hope you like it. :D

charlie-on-our-6 (author)2012-02-22

now this is a great gun 5*!

Thanks you. In my opinion, my M24 and my M60E4 are even better. Check those out to if you don't mind.

Well my favorite is your Galil

33devon (author)2011-12-03

ik ga deze make en dan probere een (removeable mag) te make

War Hawk One (author)33devon2011-12-04

das wel iets makelijker als je al de stappen er bij hebt ahhahahaha

An Villain (author)2011-08-06

Sniper Wolf made the PSG-1 like James Bond made the PPK.

AUG-5OM3 (author)2011-04-25

you should seriously post some more of your guns they're good replica's (and i care more about looks then about range) 5* and subbed

War Hawk One (author)AUG-5OM32011-04-27

thanks i appreaciate your comment and I will take care of that. would you like to see instructions for my upcoming m60?

AUG-5OM3 (author)War Hawk One2011-05-03

yeah of course! it looks really nice

War Hawk One (author)AUG-5OM32011-05-04

Oke maar het duurt misschien nog wel eve voor da die er zijn srry
PS: ik praat nu nederlands want ik weet nu toch al dat jij nederlands bent.

pinderfish (author)2011-04-18

nice gun 5*

slimshaddy (author)2011-03-13

nice 5***** and you are so clean with the guns you make you also have a lot of Y connectors

War Hawk One (author)slimshaddy2011-03-14

thanks man i appreciate that and I don't know if you already did that but could you please rate and subscribe me?

slimshaddy (author)War Hawk One2011-03-14

already did i also Favorited

War Hawk One (author)slimshaddy2011-03-15

ok thanks

slimshaddy (author)War Hawk One2011-03-15

no problem

NatNoBrains (author)2011-02-13

Seriously... WOW! Only two views? This deserves a lot more attention. 5*

The Nomlack (author)NatNoBrains2011-03-01

thats because well, look at what he wrote for related: bike wind?

NatNoBrains (author)The Nomlack2011-03-02


The Nomlack (author)2011-03-01

You should make the related thing say knex, gun etc. for more veiws. Nice gun 5* super epic. I like the mag and well... everthing!

Senior Waffleman (author)2011-02-21

I love the idea of that mag, may i use in a sniper and give credit?

ofcourse you can. all you got to do is ask so I give you permission.
PS. good luck on your next build.:D

Raikou-san (author)2011-02-14

Will build. I've been wanting to make a sniper for a while.

War Hawk One (author)Raikou-san2011-02-14

oke build it and say what you think about it but I thought it wasn't that good.

~KGB~ (author)2011-02-13


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