PSG-1 (build)





Introduction: PSG-1 (build)

Oke guys, here is my PSG-1! Follow the steps very carefully because you don't want to miss a single detail of this gun. I have to say this with all the pain in my heart but the range of this gun sucks. Owkey lets go and look for the pros and cons:

Actual size
comfy handle
great looks
stock size is changeable

Not very good range
no removeable mag
firing pin bends a lot

Step 1: The Barrel

Follow the notes and look at the pics.

Step 2: Magazine

Just follow the pics. It's a very easy step.

Step 3: The Body and Handle

Step 4: The Stock

This is a very easy step. Follow the pics.

Step 5: Scope and Scope Mount

this is easy but still read the notes.

Step 6: Assembly and Banding!

Finaly you can put your gun together. but pay attention.

Step 7: You're Done!

you're done yééy! have fun with your brand new Heckler & Coch PSG-1!



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    Btw (Bt Th Way)

    Btw I'm building in all bright Connecters!

    Wow nice and neat looks exactly the same as a real PSG-1 :-) And how do you subscribe people?? Need help on that if you can thanks

    Wow this looks great! But no piece count.. Sad face.. I only build guns with piece counts..

    7 replies

    good thinking because this gun uses for about 120 yellow connectors

    but how much green rods does it uses

    hoezo praat je nu weer engels. ja sorry da weet ik echt nie meer. in ieder geval wel heel veel

    omdat degene waarop jij antwoorde engels sprak

    Ja maar hij was engels dus dan antwoord ik ook in het engels want anders begrijpt hij het denk ik niet. maar jij kunt gwn nederlands tegen mij praten. =D

    Ok, het maakt hoeveel groene staven gebruiken?

    About 300 Green rods

    No, because almost everyone of my subscribers are to lazy to make a piece count. And I can't do it because I don't have k'nex anymore. Sorry mate. I guess that you will have to just start building it and see how far you come, or you count it from the pictures. But I personally think that that's a waste of time. Ether way, good luck and hope you like it. :D

    Thanks you. In my opinion, my M24 and my M60E4 are even better. Check those out to if you don't mind.

    ik ga deze make en dan probere een (removeable mag) te make

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    das wel iets makelijker als je al de stappen er bij hebt ahhahahaha

    Sniper Wolf made the PSG-1 like James Bond made the PPK.

    you should seriously post some more of your guns they're good replica's (and i care more about looks then about range) 5* and subbed