How to make a "grip add on" for the psp using an old joystick and 2W, amplified, stereo speaker. (sory for the bad english)

Step 1: You Need...

one psp
one joystick
one pair of mp3/mp4/ipod portable speakers

-i prefered to use mp3/mp4 speker because the ipod speakers are much more expensive. these cost 10$, ipod speakers much more.

-try to find speakers with builted in amplifier. placing a speaker directly into to the jack won't be louder than the psp speakers.
here is the finished product<br/><a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Og2X_nwE30Y">http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Og2X_nwE30Y</a><br/>and <br/><a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mQoWiJDncy0">http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mQoWiJDncy0</a><br/>
yo you deleted the vids. wats up?
that's a tight psp
ah... is that good? I don;t know what you mean... i am not English/American/contain :D... is that "slang" ? lol
Tight means good.
oh.. in that case ...thanks allot
tight generally means 'cool'
and yes, that is a very tight psp! god of war: COO, no?
tight? weird
I don't get it.
umm can anyone help me ??<br /> what did you use to cut the joystick/contoller ??<br /> <br />
I imagine you could use any standard hacksaw.<br>Also, what does your name mean?
ahh well nvm now lol i used a dremel thanks anyway :D<br>my name??<br>umm nothing i guess haha just a name <br>what does yours mean ?
My name is just a name, but for yours I was commenting on the possible implied meaning.<br>Are you suggesting you're on some sort of benefit payment?
haha no i am not on any kind of benefit payment<br>my name is just a typo and i ran with it , so yeah a random name :P
Ahh, I see.
Mm, to clear this up, because I didn't really notice until the 5th time of working the pictures over, your MP3 player uses the wire. I didn't really notice, for some reason I had it in my head that it was like an iPod dock and it played one the MP3 was docked. It confused me for a while because I kept looking at the picture where you have the speaker on the back of the controller and noticed the wires and I thought that you modded your PSP to plug those wires in or some bull. Lol. More or less, this is a good instructable. I like the speaker part more, it is what drew me to this. I would probably take this idea and use it on a holder from Gamestop or something as said in a previous comment. Though it would be quite a nice accomplishment to have made my own holder =P. If I do happen to do this, I'll be sure to post pictures. It'd be impressive because I have an oooold iPod dock that had 2 speakers on each side, so, it would look cool.<br/>
yes, an ipod dock is a better choice because it has better sound quality and I think it is smaller. even if this Instructable looks hard, it really isn't, but i suggest that you have all the tools so that you work better. you should try it. the holder is really comfortable, and it shouldn't take you more that 4-6 hours. best of luck, and keep me posted.
or u can go to game stop and buy the grips they sell and get some extra battery time with it Just saying
Welcome to the <strong>DIY</strong> site. :) <br/><br/>*hint* *hint*<br/>
ah...what ?
was just kidding
i know... :P
yes. you can buy almost everything that is showed here... but that's not the point. this is how to make it yourself. thanx for the coment :D

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