This instructable will teach you some unique things that will transform your PSP into a Multi-Media Beast.

This instructable will show you how to:

1. Update your PSP (Official Firmware, not Custom Firmware)
2. Add videos to your PSP (Chapter 2)
3. Add photos to your PSP(Chapter 2)
4. Add music to your PSP(Chapter 2)
5. And much, much more. (Chapter 1)

By reading any step (not including the intro step) on this instructable, you will have automatically agreed to my Terms Of Service.

Terms Of Service: any misuse of these steps that results in damage from them is not my fault and you do here by at your own risk use this instructable which are mere suggestions on my part which I have found to be very beneficial for my PSP. I have never had a problem while doing any of these so you should be good : ) .

Lastly, all the links i provide are safe and not to dangerous places, so no worries in that department..

Now, lets move on!

Step 1: Step One: Updating Your PSP

Updating your PSP is a recommended thing, as it can fix security holes, add new features, and bunches of more stuff.

Before we start, there are 3 ways you can update your PSP system:

1. Update using the PSP system's [System Update] feature. This requires you to be connected to
A wireless network.

2. Download update data using a PC and transfering it to your PSP Via USB cord or Memory Stick.

3. Update using update data that is included on a UMD" (Universal Media Disk).

Go to Step 2 if you are doing method 1.
Go to Step 3 if you are doing method 2.
Go to step 4 if you are doing method 3.
use media go it helps
(+[__]::) EPIC PSP!!!!
that was very drawn out<br>
hey, this is nice, but when are u gonna come up with chapter 2? plz reply!!!!! ;)
You might want to change the name of this instructable, easily confused with the new PSP Go
Done it.<br />
&nbsp;uhh psp go cant play UMDs man
I made a theme
What program did you use?
<a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.psp-themes.net/custom_psp_theme_creator.zip">For compiling</a><br/>
Program? For what?
So? what are you trying to prove? I, also made a PSP theme.
im not trying to prove anything just stating a fact
To be honest I think ptf themes are pathetic, I have cfw and my ctfs are great. custom firmware is just sooooooooooo much better than sony firmware
how dare you not tell me to update to custom firmware?! lol ( i have cfw 5.00 m33-6) :)
lol :)

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