Picture of PSP Hacking Guide
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Sony’s PSP is a fine piece of hardware but,  it has only scratched the surface of what the device can do. Hackers have opened up the PSP’s capabilities, allowing it to do far more than Sony ever envisioned.............
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Step 1: The Basics

Picture of The Basics
What is PSP “hacking”?
This "hacking" is nothing but removing sony's lame and idioyic firmware and putting "custom" firmware which is much much more powerful
What will I need for hacking my PSP?
You’ll need the following:
A PSP, either original (”fat”) or updated (”Slim”some slims are not fully hackable there are some ways. but most 2000's work but be sure). If you’re unsure which yours is, you have a “fat” if your UMD drive has an “eject” slider that snaps the drive open. You have a “slim” if you have a notch where you pry the UMD door open with your thumbnail (no mechanical door opener).
A spare memory card (512MB is fine)
A Pandora battery
A Magic Memory Stick

Step 2: Pandora battery

Picture of Pandora battery
What is a Pandora battery?
A Pandora battery is a PSP battery that has been modified to force a PSP to enter “service mode” when turned on with the modified battery. Putting the PSP into “service mode” allows software to circumvent the PSP’s security measures, and re-write the PSP’s firmware.
1)Take your battery and open it using a knife or exacto knife
2)look on the main board for the display "ICO4" or "CO4" (depending on your battery)
3) Remove pin #5
here is a  picture so you get the idea. You can find pin #5 easily when the ICO4 or CO4
__ (pin 4) __ (pin 8)
__ (pin 3) __ (pin 7)
__ (pin 2) __ (pin 6)
__ (pin 1) __ (pin 5)
4) Close it up, wrap it with tape

Can any one help me I want 2 hack my son's psp 3000 what the easiest way to this
RSV263 years ago
what dos it do ????
coolin4 years ago
can i do that with officle firmwarr 6.20?
Ds HaKa coolin3 years ago
get a downgrader. google "downgrade PSP ofw 6.20"
Adum244 years ago
Will this void my warranty? And is it possible to completely mess up my PSP doing this? (author)  Adum244 years ago
yes it voids your warranty and theres a chance you can mess it up but you can reverse it back to normal but it depends on your psp model
Oh, ok. Fine by me.
but you can also brick your psp and unless you keep the pandora battery your psp is as usefull as a brick
they make an unbricker
Oh. Darn.
Hey btw, I made a pandora battery and my psp wont turn on. the green light turns on but the screen doesn't. WHAT DID I DO WRONG!!!!
oh poo i just forgot what version psp do you have you if you have a 3000 DO NOT DO THIS!!!! also if you have a 2000 check if your motherboard is hackable or not.
Hey thnx. BTW, i am using a 1000 becuz i got it from my friends bro for 15$! Wut a steal! Im trying to upgrade it and hack it. So all i need to do is make the magic memory stick and it will work?
i have a psp 1000 too! i got it from my sisters ex boyfriend for free so yeah. umm you have a pandora battery right? first you make the mms and then you put that in the psp without the battery, then you put the pandora battery and follow the directions for which button to press and hold when you put in the battery, then a little screen will pop up asking you what you want to do select..... upgrade/downgrade to cfw__m33 and that should get you where you want to go.
Ok thnx alot!!!
your welcome tell me when you finish!
Will do!
o.k good luck
haha nothing wrong

you just need to hold either the L or the R or the up button NOT all just one you also need a magic memory stick if you didn't make that yet just take out the pandora battery and use the power cord and plug into pc, just google magic memory stick and click on what cfw you want then do stuff like it says and viola! if you have any more questions just ask
This was a great tutorial, but unfortunately my psp is a 2011 model 3001. I know that they can be hacked to a degree but i'm afraid of destroying it. :p
Another tutorial that I read said to hold down the L button when inserting the battery, will it complicate or compromise anything if I hold down the wrong button or dont hold it at all?
Coliflower4 years ago
Nice 'ible, 5 stars.

My brother's PSP was modded with M33, by a friend. I'm not sure how he did it, but, if it helps, he already had 3 batteries because we had three PSP's for him to mod.

I recently downloaded an update from Sony and didn't realize it changed the FW, so how do I re-install it? Everything else is already set, but the CFW doesn't support his ISO's.

Amay 7864 years ago
HI IM ONLINE NOW 12 00PM 18 August help needed want to unlock my psp 1004
llynne5 years ago
makes me wonder why sony hasn't encouraged people to program their psp.
its because hacking the psp allows for iso's to be played when sony mady the psp they did so at a big loss hoping to make back the money they lost manufacturing the system though the purchase of games... still they should have expected as much they are still making money off of the psp or they wouldn't keep making more. (author)  llynne5 years ago
its because sony doesn't believe in technology and i think its because of sony wants more sells in games.
Pity they can't figure out they would sell even more.
I'd buy one if I thought I could tinker with it.
Focker llynne5 years ago
 I have a PSP and I think one of the greatest innovations, yet biggest downfalls was the UMD dvd. Imagine how much more money sony could make if they unlocked the potential in their psp for things like netflix or hulu. Great ible. (author)  Focker5 years ago
to me   its the memory card slot
without it
theres no games(iso's) free movies pictures and cfw

frollard5 years ago
I really like this writeup but I feel it overlooks one VERY important consideration:  Taking a backup of your factory NAND dump.  Without that, if something goes south, you brick your psp and can't restore factory firmware.

Otherwise, great writeup! (author)  frollard5 years ago
actually theres programs that make unbrickers
so if it gets bricked and you can get your cfw or ofw