PSP Holder


Introduction: PSP Holder

Keep an eye out for my Instructables because I'm am currently making other accessories for the PSP such as:
(1) The PSP Charging Holder.
(2) The PSP Games Case Holder.

ENJOY and please leave some comments. I don't just do accessories, I also know a lot about games for the PSP, PC, PS2 and Gameboy Advance.



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    Hey Barrex, Thanx for the comment and when your done making the k'nex version of this, send me a pic to

    Hey, It looks pretty cool, When replying to comments hit "reply" at the bottom of their comment or they don't get notified HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!

    Interesting. I have a PSP, and knex, i might make a Knex holder version of this.

    Thanx for the comment Alex-Sharetskiy. Yea I know the would work better, but this one gives a lot more support. Anyway, I thought I would try something new for a change. Yes K'nex would be better, but I don't have K-nex. This one doesn't scratch the screen and it's not to high, so It won't fall of. Thanx again. CYA