Here is an original PSP (PSP 1000) dock (or stand) that i made out of knex. It features easy access to the headphone socket and power socket and can be tilted to any angle. I might create an instructable for this if I get the time. So, here it is! (Feel free to rate and comment!!)
<p>That's new and innovative ! </p>
This is an great dock. I did build it from the pictures. At first I thought my PSP isn't gonna fit. But when I build it it maked sense. You made it so the PSP is hold together by the force of the bend rods.
would you be able to make an instructable for this. <br>it looks VERY good.
&nbsp;LOL, in one of the pictures, it looks like a gatling gun. =D<br /> <br /> I like the Dock. =D Make an instructable!<br />
Ok, I will make an instuctable for this, expect it at the weekend, althouh I can't make any promises!

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