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Here is an original PSP (PSP 1000) dock (or stand) that i made out of knex. It features easy access to the headphone socket and power socket and can be tilted to any angle. I might create an instructable for this if I get the time. So, here it is! (Feel free to rate and comment!!)


hrishi4040 (author)2016-04-13

That's new and innovative !

_Starlight_ (author)2013-06-25

This is an great dock. I did build it from the pictures. At first I thought my PSP isn't gonna fit. But when I build it it maked sense. You made it so the PSP is hold together by the force of the bend rods.

Macobey (author)2010-12-08

would you be able to make an instructable for this.
it looks VERY good.

Pokezamer (author)2010-03-08

 LOL, in one of the pictures, it looks like a gatling gun. =D

I like the Dock. =D Make an instructable!

whitestorm1000 (author)Pokezamer2010-03-09

Ok, I will make an instuctable for this, expect it at the weekend, althouh I can't make any promises!

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