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Alright, this instructable will show you how to make a stand similar to Duobix's DS cardboard arcade stand except this one is for the PSP (phat PSPs only, but i don't know if this will work for the slim)! So follow this tutorial and you'll have a PSP cardboard arcade stand of you very own.

Step 1: Materials

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Ok, time to gather your materials:

!PSP! If you don't have one then what are you doing here? o_o Ha, just kidding. But then again I look at instructables that require everything I don't have. (including knowledge of the subject.) Moving on!

!Cardboard! I'm pretty sure that anything will do. Try different thicknesses to your liking. For my first stand i used an old Converse shoe box and it worked perfectly.

!Knife/Scissors! I'm using my handy X-acto knife and a pair of scissors. (Pairs are two, right?)

!Pencil/Pen! For making marks and stuff.

!Glue! I used some Elmer's and a hot glue gun for the spaces that may be left over. You don't need the glue gun if you don't have it though.

!Ruler! For making straight edges and measuring stuff.

!Any decorations you might want to put on the stand! I just used some flat black spray paint and paper for my first one.

!You also may need a charger, just so you have a good guess of how big the feeding holes should be!

Once you have all these things, move on to the next step!

Step 2: Begin!

Picture of Begin!

As in the DS stand, we start by drawing out what the stand will look like. I drew out the right side of the arcade booth right on to the cardboard. For the measurements, just look at the diagrams below. After you have drawn out all of the pieces, begin cutting them out. (For the sides and top and bottom, you can just trace one of the pieces.) Make sure you have the right pieces in the right places so you don't get confused. (Don't take the drawing as the real deal. Just follow the basic shape and the measurements and you should be fine.) Very sorry about the mixing of measurements.

The top-most front piece is 3cm x 9.8cm.

The top slanted piece should be 2cm x 9.8cm. (This is the one that pushes out a little bit more.)

The bottom slanted piece is 2.3 x 9.8cm. (On a real arcade booth, this would be the control panel.)

As for the "screen" i did not put any cardboard so that i could still access the charger and for space issues that i had later in the project. I also left the indenting part of the top alone so there would be a bit more space for the PSP. I hope this page is not confusing in any way. If you come to any problems, just leave a comment and I will try my best to answer it.

Step 3: Decoration !Only If You Are Spray Painting!

Picture of Decoration !Only If You Are Spray Painting!

Lay out one piece at a time on a piece of scrap cardboard or sheets of newspaper to protect your work surface from over spray. Apply the paint to each piece according to the can directions. Let these dry and move on to the next step.

Step 4: Feeding Holes

Picture of Feeding Holes

Take the right side and back pieces and pull them aside. Grab your PSP charger jack and take some measurements. Look at your two pieces and think of where you will put the feeding holes. I chose to put a hole in the lower part of the back and another hole near the protruding "corner" where the PSP will sit. You can put these holes anywhere you want, or not at all.

Step 5: Assembly

Picture of Assembly


Time to put it all together. Take one of the top/bottom pieces and lay it paint side down(if you did paint it.)
PIC 1: MAKE SURE THAT EACH PIECE IS FACING THE RIGHT WAY BEFORE GLUING!!!! Apply glue to the side you are putting the first piece on. *I suggest applying the glue to the left side with the left piece so you will have a support in this next part*

PIC 2/3: Now stick that piece on and apply pressure while it dries. While still holding your first piece (left side of stand) apply glue to the back of the left piece and along the back of the bottom piece. Stick the back side on to the glue and let dry.

PIC 4/5: Glue along the right side of the back and the right side of the bottom and stick on the right side of the booth.

You may want to feed the charger into the back through the inside of the booth and out the side now because you may not be able to later.

PIC 6: Glue the lower front piece onto the three front sides.

PIC 7/8/9: Glue on the top, high front, and indenting pieces.

Step 6: Done

Picture of Done

There you go, your very own PSP arcade stand. Customize and modify to your preferences and likings. Please send pictures and videos of your stands in comments. Thanks for checking this out.


Zia Kaudeer (author)2012-02-19

it was a very useful project to me because i`m doing this for my school design project thx a lot =P

imthatguy1125 (author)2009-02-07

Order of the Phonix was great

muffinhead (author)imthatguy11252009-02-08

lol i don't know if i can say the same about the book though. yikes. half-blood prince comes out on my birthday! i was freaking out about that when i saw the trailer.

imthatguy1125 (author)muffinhead2009-02-08

i cant wait to go see the movie

muffinhead (author)imthatguy11252009-02-08

yeah me neither. it seems the harry potter movies are getting darker and darker. :D

foxtrot4697 (author)muffinhead2009-08-14

dude i saw that at a drive in(as well as orphan, orphan was better)7 people in a truck to see 2 movies for 20$

doughnutguy1 (author)foxtrot46972010-01-03

Much better deal.

drackeo (author)doughnutguy12011-03-27

the Movie sucked but the book was good.

dylanlarson (author)2009-08-29

thx this is awesome i followed your directions and measurements perfectly and it fit my psp slim

Silentz (author)2009-07-30

This is the clearest Instructable on this kind of thing on the entire site, thanksya much! Also just wondering, is there a particular angle the slanted pieces should be at?

muffinhead (author)Silentz2009-07-31

Thanks! And I don't think it should interfere with the buttons or anything, so no. :D

griffy55 (author)2009-04-23

that is cool

rada194 (author)2009-04-22

I made one And put ductape and put the psp sign on it and added 1 led in the middle of the s in psp U can't really see it though. Mine is a psp slim i had to change the dimensions a little to make it fit. But it worked out fine nice instructable. Here it is:

ReCreate (author)2009-03-16

Why would it be for only psp PHATS? The only difference between a slim and a phat is that the slim is flat on the back and that it is lighter?

muffinhead (author)ReCreate2009-03-16

Right. I don't own a SLIM, so I wouldn't know. The only problem with making this for a SLIM is that it would be a bit more shaky. I didn't protest the editing of the project though.

ReCreate (author)muffinhead2009-03-16

What do you mean?

muffinhead (author)ReCreate2009-03-26

I mean that the phat fits in this arcade stand really nicely and tight. So if you would put a slim in the same stand, it's not going to be so nice and snug. Because the slim is well, slimmer than the phat.

ReCreate (author)muffinhead2009-03-26

i get it

ReCreate (author)2009-03-16

That looks like a psp SLIM to me

muffinhead (author)ReCreate2009-03-16

It's a PHAT, with a changed faceplate.

ReCreate (author)muffinhead2009-03-16

That explains it...

ReCreate (author)2009-03-16

I have a big sheet of aluminum I could make this out of that,the aluminum cuts easily with some scissor type of thing

ReCreate (author)ReCreate2009-03-16

Ah yes i could weld it together

freakinslop (author)2009-01-04

I have the same glue gun! lol ._.

so do i

muffinhead (author)freakinslop2009-01-09

kmart ftw.

freakinslop (author)muffinhead2009-01-10

lol yep

T0BY (author)freakinslop2009-01-06

I have the same PSP!

rada194 (author)2009-01-24

Thank you so much for idea i built one and its great

dragonblue80 (author)2009-01-02

FINISHED! It turned out pretty nice. Now I gotta beg my parents to help me spray paint it. it's really cool and stuff. Great Instructable!

muffinhead (author)dragonblue802009-01-09

thanks! good luck with the spray painting too. :D

T0BY (author)2009-01-06

I am impressed by the quality of your Instructable, nice work!

dragonblue80 (author)2009-01-02

im making one of these as I add this comment. it's hard making the arcade side,and getting straight edges, but that might be because im using scissors. Ill tell you guys how it comes out (when it's done)

stranoster (author)2008-08-06

Yes it is another and I just ranted at ANOTHER ds creation, but this seems really well made (Instructable and actual stand) because to take the fanboyless route, not everyone owns a certain console and the measurements etc. in this are flawless. Think of being twelve not as a hindrance but as a good thing because you can think of things as fun and creative instead of ranting about things. I was impressed with the fact that IT WASN'T WRITTEN IN ALL CAPS and actually contained punctuation. Go mandatory education system, go! Anyway that's just a fourteen year olds view on it. Good work.

muffinhead (author)stranoster2008-10-21

Thanks a bunch, I'm starting to get tired of all the (somewhat) harsh comments on first time I'bles. tytytytyty. (ps. i turned 13 in july :D)

mg0930mg (author)muffinhead2008-12-16

Usually, somewhat harsh comments are what keep people going. It's called negative reinforcement. So, good job, but I don't think you needed one, considering the ds one.

muffinhead (author)mg0930mg2008-12-16

I'm also a strong believer in constructive criticism/ negative reinforcement, but being more-than-you-should-be mean to first-timers may result in not seeing much of that person(s) anymore. Not that this would apply in this particular situation though. Awesome icon by the by.

mg0930mg (author)muffinhead2008-12-17

Thanks. Yeah, I get what you are saying. Negative reinforcement can only be put on so much. I don't remember where I found my icon.

stranoster (author)muffinhead2008-10-22

Look, any time. If an instructable is up to scratch it shouldn't be put down. Have a good one, and keep 'em coming.

muffinhead (author)2008-04-07

well, i was just trying to try to make one for people who didn't have a ds. not everyone has those you know.

GorillazMiko (author)2008-04-07

As LinuxH4x0r said....: another?

LinuxH4x0r (author)2008-04-07


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