Introduction: PSP Sock Case (or Anything Else)

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This is just a simple sleeve for all those that either bought the new 2001 series PSP or bought a used PSP. This can also be used for a DS lite or Ipod Touch Iphone or anything that is a pretty good size. The whole point of this is to be able to charge a PSP without it being dinked or scratched up.

Step 1: Get the Stuff

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We need a sock (Duh) a PSP or other electronical device (Duh). Get velcro about 4 inches each. Optional: sharp scissors, hot glue, and a marker.

Step 2: Make It Into a Case

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Ok, now take the end (heel part) and fold it over. Cut the velcro to aproximate size of the heel. Should look like the picture.

Step 3: Finishing Touches

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Ok now if you want take your scissors and make a hole where you put the charger. Color over the logos (why do they have logos anyway). If you have any ideas all guess I'll try it.


Mecha_collider (author)2011-07-08

cool but tacky

Leemister (author)2011-03-29

Thanks dude. Maybe you should make one you can wear also. You know, carry it around and stuff. Well, THANKS!!

Maxaxle (author)2011-03-14


Mrfoot (author)2009-08-25

Thats just Dirty _ but good job i think ill make one for fun lol

pauloq98 (author)Mrfoot2010-10-11


PSPerson (author)Mrfoot2010-07-14

use a new sock....

pauloq98 (author)2010-10-11

goood joob!!!

TGS! (author)2010-08-09


Robot Lover (author)2009-11-28

i have thos socks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

bagikun (author)2009-04-14

Yeah! Sox rules! LOL

quesoman (author)2009-04-07

i have one of the oldest models of PSP aka the fat one

jakee117 (author)2008-02-01

i have a 2001 but its piano black gotta love xmas

ReCreate (author)jakee1172008-12-31

i got that one too the person who sold it to me told me that it was the 3000 series after i bought it i found out it was 2001

PureBreed (author)jakee1172008-09-27

i got the white star wars collectors edition , with Darth Vader on the back

I got shinny silver :D

baken411 (author)2007-11-14

i did the same thing but i never thot of putting a hole for charging i also made a stand for it so when im on the computer it sits there and it plays video, much like a 2nd screen(but with games) i like it

PureBreed (author)baken4112008-09-27

i actully ahve two monitors on ym PC, so i can do w/e on one and leave videos and what not running on the other, but i can move my mouse onto either one

PureBreed (author)PureBreed2008-09-27


I make these with an old soccer sock.

Doctor What (author)2007-11-17

you made a case out of an old sock. good idea, but i wouldn't be able to handle the fact that it's an old sock. i'd have to buy a new one.

Thornburg (author)Doctor What2007-11-18

Ha ya. It wasnt that old (I think) but I couldnt find the match so I thought why not. I need a little case for some traveling.

Thornburg (author)2007-11-14

I like the idea of a stand. You should put that on sometime.

Thornburg (author)2007-11-11

Yah I saved for weeks. The 2001 version (new ones) are 200.000 (213.57) with tax. It comes with Daxter, 1GB memory card, and Family Guy seasons. Though it doesnt come with a case. That is why I made this :P Good luck getting it.

Darkshot (author)2007-11-11

i want a psp :( dont have money though...i'll see how much day are =/

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