The PSU (Pee Standing Up) device is a great stress reliever for women, as well as parents of little girls.

Here are some scenarios when it comes in handy:
  • Camping: not having to go out of your tent to pee when it's cold
  • Peeing off a boat/kayak on a boat trip
  • Group hikes: not having to find a place to squat and pull pants down in private
  • Side of the road: no rest area in sight, desperately needing a pit stop
  • Public bathrooms that are just too gross to sit
  • Little girls on long car rides who just can't hold it long enough
  • When you are outside and it's cold, and you don't want to strip to pee
  • In a train compartment
I really liked the Freshette by Freshette  but was reluctant to spend the money. There are other instructables on here offering female urinals, but none of them offered the same comfort and control as the SFF. For example, with this one, you can pee outdoors against a tree (directing the stream), into a toilet, or into a bottle designated for that purpose. Many women have said this device was life-changing. So I decided to make my own from duct tape. 

If you prefer making something pertaining to what goes into your body rather than what leaves it, check out my other duct tape instructable, my woven duct tape berry-picking basket.

Step 1: Materials

You will need: 

• Duct tape. This can be an 8.5 x 11" sheet plus a roll, or just a roll.
• Tubing
• Scissors
• Transparency film or acetate

These instructions will focus on using the duct tape roll. The advantage of a sheet is it leaves fewer ridges for stuff to get into.
Really a nice idea. To make it more rigid and more waterproof, you can stick the tape on a transparent plastic sheet, or on a hard drawing paper. It looks very similar to pStyle , which is the best stp (I've tried several)
Now you're going to have to practice writing your name in the snow. :) <br> <br>
I can hardly wait! LOL. Another reason I love this is because I don't have to pull my pants down far to use it, which will be especially helpful in the winter.
May I stick my two cents in? <br>I took an empty hair spray bottle, or you may use any reasonable facsimile.must be long, made of sturdy plastic and have a small opening on one end. Just take a sharp knife and slice off the wide end, you may need to cut off some little shaving so it is smooth. That is it. I just tried it and it works great, and you do not even have to bend over just hold it up against your body at a slight angle downward, and voile. The bottle just needs to be washed and there is not tape to hold odors it is perfect. Keep a plastic bag handy for storage, I use the plastic bag that holds my paper delivery just the right size. <br>And if you are seen with the bottle it is just a hairspray bottle.
There are instructables that show you how to do things like this. This one is different for the reasons I described.
its better to make one from silicone it doesnt smell like pee ever and its muck more sanitary btw im not a girl im an ftm so i use what i made every time i pee.
yeah, but with all the tape, the smell of piss will build up tho ive tried it, but a different design
Agreed. I've made 3 of these using a design very similar to this one and the odour builds up within 5 or 6 uses even when it gets a thorough rinse after each time.<br><br>Still, great temporary devices...
It may depend on your diet. I don't have that problem, but I am mostly vegetarian. I have heard that can affect the scent of your urine.
That's why rinsing between uses is important...
Your hose addition would make the aim easier, but for a simple, disposable spout (never drop it into a port-a-potty) try this version. Use a washed out, half-gallon coated paper type, liquid container (milk, soy milk, orang juice). Cut off a bottom corner and include the vertical edge between two sides of the container. The spout is as long as the container was tall. I trim the sides to a tapered pour spout. You can get four urine funnels per container. Clap it against your undercarriage and it seals completely and comfortably.
Yes, there is an -ible about this - did you write it? I like the ability to pee into a bottle, though.
Maybe you could use a 2L plastic bottle cut to shape instead of the duct tape form.
Great 'ible!
I showed this to my mom and she said she is so looking forward to a camping trip where she doesn't have to leave the tent in the middle of the night. Where she doesn't have to choose between, &quot;freezing her butt off&quot; or worrying all night that she might have the dream where she's in a swimming pool...?(whatever that means) A camping trip where she can help dad put the fire out at night, and where she can, &quot;P right into the stream, because, (for some reason), that's important!&quot; I told her, &quot;You go you&quot;. Two thumbs up on such a succinct instructable.<br>
Sweet! Thanks a lot. I hope she has success with it. Important to practice at home, though!
a PSU device is also very handy for women who have had a Hip Replacement or the like, where during recovery they aren't allowed to sit on toilets that are lower than a particular hight :) My mum got a PSU device for her recovery from a hip replacemnt, she says it helped a lot! Especially when going out, if she couldn't find a good hight toilet :P
So long to boys getting a the luck being able to stand up peeing! <br>Hahha! I love it!
Thank you! I just hope it gets accepted into the duct tape contest soon... I submitted it yesterday, and voting is already taking place!
What contest did you enter it in? <br>
Duct tape. It eventually showed up.
So it was you all along... great to know. Keep up the good work on here.
Hey great job! Thanks for taking that on.
Thanks so much! It works well. :-)

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