PSU Device for Women From Duct Tape





Introduction: PSU Device for Women From Duct Tape

The PSU (Pee Standing Up) device is a great stress reliever for women, as well as parents of little girls.

Here are some scenarios when it comes in handy:
  • Camping: not having to go out of your tent to pee when it's cold
  • Peeing off a boat/kayak on a boat trip
  • Group hikes: not having to find a place to squat and pull pants down in private
  • Side of the road: no rest area in sight, desperately needing a pit stop
  • Public bathrooms that are just too gross to sit
  • Little girls on long car rides who just can't hold it long enough
  • When you are outside and it's cold, and you don't want to strip to pee
  • In a train compartment
I really liked the Freshette by Freshette  but was reluctant to spend the money. There are other instructables on here offering female urinals, but none of them offered the same comfort and control as the SFF. For example, with this one, you can pee outdoors against a tree (directing the stream), into a toilet, or into a bottle designated for that purpose. Many women have said this device was life-changing. So I decided to make my own from duct tape. 

If you prefer making something pertaining to what goes into your body rather than what leaves it, check out my other duct tape instructable, my woven duct tape berry-picking basket.

Step 1: Materials

You will need: 

• Duct tape. This can be an 8.5 x 11" sheet plus a roll, or just a roll.
• Tubing
• Scissors
• Transparency film or acetate

These instructions will focus on using the duct tape roll. The advantage of a sheet is it leaves fewer ridges for stuff to get into.

Step 2: Duct Tape Base

To begin, make a duct tape sheet about 6" by 6". To do this, lay four overlapping strips of duct tape face up so they stick to each other, but be careful not to let them wrinkle (within reason).

Then lay four more overlapping strips face down, so they stick to the face-up strips.

Voila! A duct tape sheet.

Step 3: Tubing

Cut about 6" of clear vinyl tubing.

Tear off about 2" of duct tape. Wrap it around the tubing about 1" down. Fold the other 1" over so the sticky side is out.

Step 4: Shaping

Cut the sheet so the rough edges are off. The sheet should be about 6" by 6" now, smaller or larger depending on the size of the woman or girl who will be using it. (I'm a size medium.) If you are using a duct tape sheet, you will fold over the top part so it is around the same size, but it will be a bit smaller.

Fold the sheet in half. Place the tube inside the sheet so that the duct tape sticks to the walls you have made. Cut on a diagonal up from just above the tube to a couple of inches back from the tube.

Tape over the top of the fold from the tube back toward the rear.

Step 5: The Back

Make a 6" double-sided strip. Tear off a longer strip by an inch or two on each side and lay the double-sided strip on it. Connect this to the back of the PSU, making the tops flush and using the exposed tape to tape it on. Use this to make the PSU the width you want it to be. You can be generous, but don't make it too bulky.

Use tape to cover the hole on the outside, then the inside.

Step 6: Little Touches

Make the top edges nice and smooth by taping over them.

Add tape on the inside using little strips to make the path to the tube nice and smooth.

Step 7: Stiffening

In testing my PSU, I found it was a bit too floppy at the connection to the tube, so there was a kink before the tube. To fix this, I measured the bottom and cut a tapering piece of transparency (or acetate) to 6", then taped it to the bottom. This gives added stiffness so it holds its shape during use.

Step 8: Testing/tweaking/tips

A few tips for use:
  • Whether you make your own or buy one, be sure to test it at home before going on the road. Have children test it too. You may even find leaks you can fix before you travel.
  • My tubing was curved the wrong way, so to fix that, I waved it about 6" above a gas burner, very cautiously, to slowly warm it so I could bend it back. This took time and patience, but now it's great.
  • Remember that urine is sterile. Keep the PSU in a freezer bag when on the road, then just rinse and let dry. It cleans up easily.
  • If you are concerned about urine collecting in tape overlap, try spraying on some sealant.
I made this to use it. I hope you find it as useful as I do! 



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    Really a nice idea. To make it more rigid and more waterproof, you can stick the tape on a transparent plastic sheet, or on a hard drawing paper. It looks very similar to pStyle , which is the best stp (I've tried several)

    Now you're going to have to practice writing your name in the snow. :)

    I can hardly wait! LOL. Another reason I love this is because I don't have to pull my pants down far to use it, which will be especially helpful in the winter.

    May I stick my two cents in?
    I took an empty hair spray bottle, or you may use any reasonable facsimile.must be long, made of sturdy plastic and have a small opening on one end. Just take a sharp knife and slice off the wide end, you may need to cut off some little shaving so it is smooth. That is it. I just tried it and it works great, and you do not even have to bend over just hold it up against your body at a slight angle downward, and voile. The bottle just needs to be washed and there is not tape to hold odors it is perfect. Keep a plastic bag handy for storage, I use the plastic bag that holds my paper delivery just the right size.
    And if you are seen with the bottle it is just a hairspray bottle.

    There are instructables that show you how to do things like this. This one is different for the reasons I described.

    its better to make one from silicone it doesnt smell like pee ever and its muck more sanitary btw im not a girl im an ftm so i use what i made every time i pee.

    yeah, but with all the tape, the smell of piss will build up tho ive tried it, but a different design

    Agreed. I've made 3 of these using a design very similar to this one and the odour builds up within 5 or 6 uses even when it gets a thorough rinse after each time.

    Still, great temporary devices...

    It may depend on your diet. I don't have that problem, but I am mostly vegetarian. I have heard that can affect the scent of your urine.