Introduction: PSU Soldering Station

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A soldering station from trash can be fun

Step 1: Things Needed

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A old PSU with top or without top
1n 4007 diode
56k ohm resistor

Step 2: Assembling Parts

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the diode and resistor are for led indication

Step 3: And Enjoy

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Step 4: Improvements

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I added a socket with switch and led for glue gun


capernius (author)2015-09-24

For those of us who are electronically challenged(like me) or for those who do not know jack about LEDs & electronics(again like me), it would be really nice if you could explain how you got from point "A", to point "Z".

I for one would burn water on the stove were it not for my loving wife's cooking...

ibenkos (author)2014-10-18

Smart idea! I really like this project. Thanks for shearig :)

A-N-A (author)ibenkos2014-11-02

thank u for complement ,actually it was my first instructable so sorry for the mistakes

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