I decided to make a Psycho Shower Curtain which turned out to be a fun, unique addition to this Halloween's decor.

This was a very simple and quick project that will startle your guests and then shock them when they find out it only cost you $12!

Step 1: Materials Needed & Getting Started

Picture of Materials Needed & Getting Started

For this project I only needed two things:

(Qty 1) Clear Vinyl Shower Curtain Liner- $2.50

(Qty 1) 3' x 5' Self Adhesive Sticky Back Gloss Black Sign Vinyl- $9.50

Then just a pair of scissors and a marker.

1.) To get ready to construct your shower curtain first measure the shower entry and cut the Vinyl Curtain Lining to fit.

2.) Then play around with some ideas and make a rough sketch of your favorite psycho silhouette.

Step 2: Draw & Cutout Psycho

Picture of Draw & Cutout Psycho

1.) Layout the 3' x 5' piece of black self adhesive sign vinyl onto a flat surface with the white peel off side up.

2.) Take the sketch of your psycho and draw the silhouette to a large scale onto the peel off side.

3.) Now cut the psycho out

Step 3: Apply the Psycho to the Shower Curtain

Picture of Apply the Psycho to the Shower Curtain

Once you have your psycho cut out, peel off the white backing exposing the adhesive then carefully position the psycho centered onto the shower curtain. One trick that I did find useful is making up a spray bottle with just a little dish soap and water then mist the clear shower lining before sticking the psycho onto it. This allows you to position the psycho more freely and get the bubbles out. After a day or so it drys up and cant be moved.

Now your Psycho Shower Curtain is complete!!! I hope you enjoyed my Instructable.


zowi420 (author)2016-10-02

LOVE IT! Thank you for posting this!

Modern Rustic Workshop (author)2016-09-30

This is a really unique idea! Nice work!

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