PT Belt Necktie




Introduction: PT Belt Necktie

Looking for a silly holiday gift for a dad with a military sense of humor? This reflective tie may be just the thing!

Step 1: Making the Tie!

The only things you will need are a PT belt, scissors, and super glue. I cut the buckle off of the belt, and drew two tapered lines down the belt. I never took any pics unfortunately, so if the lines are giving you trouble, you can trace with an old tie.

When you are done making the lines, cut the tie shape out, and get ready to glue. The backing and the reflective tape are only bound at the edges. Super glue in between the two, and hold it tight.

Step 2: It's Done!!

Easy as pie. While the tie may be short and impossible to wear, it should get some laughs (and maybe some good stories too) this Christmas.

Happy holidays!



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