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Introduction: PUMPKIN TRUCK(halloween Contest 2008)

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This is my pumpkin truck, it has working headlights mounted on pumpkin stem supports,air brush painted GOODYEAR logo Halloween season radial tires.engine is formed from a piece of 2x4 and covered with small aluminum pieces, center is bored out with a small dc motor inside which has a belt pulley and a fan installed on the shaft with a belt going to another pulley attached to the front of a carved blower.exhaust headers are made with black rubber vacuum tubing installed over coat hanger wire and bent to the correct shape. spark plug wires are very small flexible plastic black tubing, installed in the proper firing order for a Chevy 350 cid motor (1-8-4-3-6-5-7-2) chassis is made of scrap pieces of wood, and the axles are made from 2 long pieces of all thread, hub caps on wheels are round, chrome, end caps for tubing commonly found on furniture.Interior is completely gutted(no pun intended) bed is fully loaded with miniature pumpkins, flames are carved about 1/8 th inch deep out of the main pumpkin to allow illumination from within when candle is installed inside.The antenna is just for looks, its not radio controlled, nor does it have a radio installed. YET!!!!!!! horsepower? H.P. = 1 thats 1 Hollow Pumpkin.



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    that is awesome, you should put it on an rc car

     oh and it rocks

     lol Toyota's new truck guaranteed for 5 orchards it has 50 meters to the gallon in the yard and 60 in the pasture.

    eli.phillips@yahoo.comI would like to know how long it took you to build this punkin car and how email mea eli.phillips@yahoo.com with the details so i could build something like it. thanks

    I work as a reporter with Wired.com and would love to use this image in our Halloween pumpkin photo gallery. Can I use one of the pics from here? what's the email address where I can reach you for the photographs? thanks!

    Yes you may use the photos of my pumpkin truck, that would be cool.My email address is tuneacar2000@yahoo.com I have a automotive repair shop which of course is the reason behind the automotive themed pumpkin.


    Well done! Thanks for sharing.