Today on my way to work I looked at the cloudy sky and decided to paint a "Purple Rain Umbrella"

Step 1: Supplies

I needed an Umbrella bank

shades of purple fabric paint

brushes and an iron

Step 2: Painting

I opened the umbrella and painted cloud like images on the inside.

when dry I ironed the panels to heat set the fabric paint. I used a dry setting for nylon.

Step 3: When It Is Finished

The cool thing is the umbrella looks great weather you are under it looking up or outside looking in.

<p>This is a very nice idea!..Gave me the thought of using color changing fabric </p><p><iframe allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="281" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/7wYktagIAAk" width="500"></iframe></p><p>really can watch the purple rain fall</p>
<p>I am dying to know how this worked!</p>
<p>Unfortunately finding a source for the Hydrochromic ink is not very easy. The only source of a small quantity I was able to find was a site in the UK for &pound;8.99 for 25ml.(about $13 US) and they do not ship outside of the UK. Also I have learned the idea of a color changing umbrella is already out on the market but I do like the idea of possibly designing and creating your own umbrellas, clothing or what ever but I cannot commit the funds to purchase the amounts dealers sell. Also time is a big factor.. lots of projects so little time.</p>
me too!
Hmmmmmm, try it and please post the results!
<p>Nice - a cover to protect you from rain is an &quot;umbrella&quot; no need for the word &quot;rain&quot;. A shade to protect you from sun is a parasol? ;-)</p>
Thanks for the clarification, however, it isn't necessary. I was making a reference to PRINCE.
Ah good one. I'm not much into the lives and deaths of celebrates so missed the reference!
<p>Sweet! That would cheer me up on a rainy day.</p>
<p>PERFECT..... Haven't been able to find a purple umbrella... This one fits the bill perfectly and it's so easy to put together that I can actually do it by myself.... Love it and can't wait to use my very unique &quot;Purple Rain Umbrella&quot;.....</p>
<p>awesome!!!! I hope you post photos of your umbrella!</p>
<p>Great idea! And you look so happy under it. I'm sure you and your umbrella brighten people's day when you walk by.</p>
Thank you!!!!
<p>THANK YOU!!!!!</p>
<p>That turned out so well. I love the watercolor effect and love Prince, too. &lt;3</p>

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