Step 11: Recycle

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The biggest problem with PVC is waste. It takes up tons of room in landfills and can leech nasty chemicals. You can however, recycle PVC. Many people don’t realize this, but PVC is categorized as a recyclable material along with all other vinyl products. You can recycle PVC at any location that takes #3 plastic recycling products.

If your local recycler or recycling program accepts #3 vinyl recycling products, you should be able to include your extra PVC pipe and fitting bits in with the lot. Since my place of business does not have a recycling program, we take our extra and used PVC to our local recycler. You can find a recycler close to you by going online to http://www.earth911.org and putting in your zip code.
Leathaldose3 months ago

This is one of the best instructables, everything i ever wanted to know about pvc and hell i learned stuff i didnt know. Thank you.

heligato2 years ago
Excellent !