Step 6: Cleaning

Picture of Cleaning
Standard plumbing-grade pipe you get from Home Depot or Lowes is often dirty, covered in manufacturers’ markings and barcodes and looks pretty bad.  You can order furniture grade PVC pipe which is glossy and attractive from Formufit, however it is expensive to ship and only comes in 5’ increments.

You can clean up standard plumbing-grade pipe and make it look pretty decent by performing the following steps:

To clean PVC pipe you need:

-  Steel Wool
Cloth Rags or Paper Towels
-  Latex Gloves (don’t use Nitrile gloves)

1.  Put on the latex gloves.  I mention not to use Nitrile gloves (the blue ones) because the Acetone will cause them to disintegrate and tear apart.  Use latex gloves as they won’t break down (as quickly).

2.  Soak, or pour, the Acetone onto the steel wool.  Using a circular motion, scrub the PVC pipe where the lettering and dirt is and it will come off magically.  Do about 1’ of a section at a time and then QUICKLY wipe away the wet ink and Acetone with a cloth or paper towel.

3.  Repeat for every one foot, replacing the steel wool every 10’ that you clean (it will retain the ink and smudge after about 10’ of usage).

4.   Enjoy your clean pipe!
tolson4115 years ago
What's wrong with nitrile? It can withstand more acid and chemicals than latex and is 3x more puncture resistant...
xd12c5 years ago
Couldn't you also stop at the local supermarket & get a pair of rubber kitchen gloves?