I made this kayak last summer, but I have just recently joined Instructables. This will be my first time doing this so bear with me if my instructions aren't perfect. I really enjoyed making this and I also enjoyed riding it. It turned out to be quite stable, enough that I could stand in it and not have it flip. I made this kayak out of PVC pipe, duct tape, and garbage bags. The kayak is close to the water but I didn't have problems with water coming into it. The kayak looks kind of flat at the front because I wrapped it up too tightly and the front got squished. That means that your kayak could end up looking a lot better than mine. The kayak still worked perfectly. I just used paddles I had from a rubber raft and they worked fine until half of it broke and we couldn't find it. Sadly I didn't take many pictures so this instructable will be lacking pictures.

For this project you will need:
-5 pieces of 10' 1'' PVC (it can be a different size then 1'' but if you do it to much bigger it could be hard to bend)
-PVC pipe cutters
-4 elbow connectors
-12 T connectors
-Some garbage bags 
-piece of wood (for seat, you could use other stuff too)
-And lots of duct tape (I used around 7 rolls, but you might need more or less depending on how you wrap it. 3 of those 7 rolls were gorilla tape to make sure it was strong but you could probably use normal duct tape). 

During this instructable I will tell you better ways to make your kayak than I made mine since I didn't have much of a plan while I was making it.
thats freaking awsome, how stable is it and how easy is it to paddle?
It's very stable because it's wide, but it is a little harder to paddle than an actual kayak because it isn't as streamlined. When paddling the front of the kayak moves side to side a little. I also had really cheap paddles so that could have been part of it. Still it wasn't too difficult to paddle.
Sassah1222 years ago
This is a nice project I voted for this in both contests
MrTaco572 years ago
Hey furryZdog I like your kayak. I voted for u so could you return the favor and vote for my pi pie pops in the pie contest!! Thx
double_g2 years ago
Nice Instructable! Favorited, What would you say the total cost was for the kayak? Also I would suggest putting some styrofoam in the ends so it doesn't sink if it were to flood.
furryZdog47 (author)  double_g2 years ago
I'm not 100% sure, but I think it was about $50 (most of that was the duct tape)
Cheiron2 years ago
That is Awesome!

I wonder if you could fiberglass/epoxy over the duck tape to make it more permanent?
Gregbot2 years ago
Gregbot2 years ago
This is incredible. You should add this to the Make to Learn Youth contest if you're between the ages of 13 and 18.

Thanks for sharing!