PVC Air Horn to Scare Your Friends (or Cats)


Introduction: PVC Air Horn to Scare Your Friends (or Cats)

Build a home made air horn out of PVC pipe.  This air horn is very loud (but not deafening) so you can use it to scare the trick-or-treaters when they come to your door!  Combine this with last week's floor switch project to make it automatically go off when someone steps on the switch!



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    Can you control the frequency? ( like a boat horn wich is close to 120Hz )

    Thanks in advance


    Why can't we download the instructable in pdf format on the mobile app. .. If anyone knows how to do it plz let me know

    This is really cool, do I need to add air for each use?

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    If you make a bigger pressure chamber then you can fill it up less often. But really, the best thing would be to hook up an air compressor with an automatic regulator directly to your pressure chamber. That way whenever you set off the horn, the regulator will automatically fill up your pressure chamber for the next scare!

    Where are the instructions? My phone won't play those videos. sigh