Picture of PVC Bike Handlebar
I wanted to make some drop down handlebars(being inspired by olympics) for my brother. I didn't want to spend money so I just built it out of PVC pipe.

Step 1:

Things Needed:
Any length(can cut later) 1/2 pvc pipe
Heat gun or blow dryer

I went to Crafty Beaver and I got a 1/2 inch PVC pipe that was about 4 ft. It only costed like $1. 
Hewer2 years ago
I'm not trying to be mean, but these handlebars are extremely dangerous and should not be used under any circumstances. No amount of duct tape will make them any safer.
A drop style bicycle handlebar is a really interesting shape to go for when working on techniques for bending pvc, but pvc tubing is absolutely NOT the correct material to use to make a functioning handlebar.

I'm not trying to burst your bubble or put you down. I just don't want to see anybody try to use these, break them and lose control of the bike and end up in traffic or something.
I agree with 1tri2god. It was a very good, creative effort, but I cringe at the thought of someone leaning on those handlebars when they snap. PVC tends to splinter into wicked, jagged plastic knives when it goes.

If you were to wrap the handlebars with about 5 layers of duct tape, it would strengthen them a bit. They will still eventually break, but the tape will add a measure of protection and reduce your chance of serious injury.

In the meantime, keep your eyes open for a discarded junker bike that you can salvage the handlebars off of, and keep on DIY'ing.
elancaster (author)  CatTrampoline3 years ago
Thanks for letting me know. I haven't had much experience with PVC (I only built like a bow) in the past so thanks for the tip.
It is a very versatile building material, it just doesn't have a lot of tensile strength or resistance to impacts. It also tends to deteriorate with exposure to UV and/or sunlight.

It is great for making bike racks, fishing pole racks, pet bed frames, etc. You can even make an upper-body exerciser out of a long length of pipe filled with varying amounts of water (best used outside, especially if the threaded end leaks).
elancaster (author) 3 years ago
Thanks for the tips!
Ill keep it in mind the next time I make some.
Logan D3 years ago
Quick tip, if you fill the pipe with sand before bending it, it will make better curves instead of folding
1tri2god3 years ago
Congratulations on a great handlebar!! I would just warn you that a hollow pvc one such as this would not be able to hold any meaning full weight or stresses that normal riding would eventually induce.