Picture of PVC Bike Stand
We needed a bike rack.  Bad.  Like, the shop is a disaster bad.  Lucky for us, we had lots of PVC lying around, so it was time to make our own!  

After searching around the internet for design ideas, we settled on this one.  We adapted this design to hold 7 bikes, rather than the original 5, by simply repeating the parts for one of the bike slots a few extra times.
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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
We used 1/2" schedule 40 PVC pipe and fittings, because that's what we had lying around.  This design would work fine with other sizes, though, if that's what you have access to (in fact, 3/4" or even 1" PVC might be better, as it would give the rack a little more stiffness).

PVC Lengths (quantity in parentheses):

(2) 23-1/8" lengths
(28) 16"  lengths
(12) 12" lengths
(18) 1-1/2" lengths

[Total length: 665-1/4" or 55' 5-1/4"]

Other materials:

(28) PVC T-joints
(18) PVC elbow-joints
PVC cement
Paper towels

Tools used:

Measuring tape
PVC cutters (you could use a hacksaw, but these were only ~$10 at the hardware store and made the job *much* easier)

Step 2: Measure and cut pieces

Picture of Measure and cut pieces
Photo 2013-04-22 01.31.52 PM.jpg
Measure and cut your PVC pipe to the lengths specified in the last step.  We found PVC cutters to speed up the process quite a bit (although you can use a hacksaw instead).  To use the cutters, measure your PVC to length, mark it with a pencil, then line up the blade of the cutters with your mark.  Squeeze the cutters until the blade makes contact with the mark, checking that it's lined up correctly, then continue to squeeze until the handles of the cutters bottom out.  Release pressure on the handles and they should ratchet back, leaving the blade where it is.  Squeeze again and the blade should move farther through the plastic.  Continue until the cut is complete, then measure your next piece and repeat.
I actually made this, and it's holding up our bikes without a problem
great. have you ever made a single bike rack? it'd be strong enough to hold a bike up right? thanks. well done.
aezwen1 year ago
Awesome idea. I live in a house with six roommates and we all have bikes! Def going to make this.
Tater Zoid1 year ago
Great idea.
ninite1 year ago
I like this and I too am going to build one, I think I will go with the 3/4" though as you suggested for more stiffness. Thanks for the post.
OCLVig1 year ago
This would be great at the mountain bike trails. You could build a single or couple-place rack with a set of tubes extending out on one side. slide the extension tubes on either side of one of your car wheels to keep the rack from tipping. Now you can stand your bike up at the trail-head while you prep it and/or while you getting ready to ride.
frenzy1 year ago
Man i was looking for something like this, i'm totally building this soon! thanks!
dmuldoonlla (author)  frenzy1 year ago
Thanks, glad you liked it!