Well, seeing as there had been Instructables to make PVC weapons lately ( Tonfas, Nunchucks ) I decided to share my PVC Bo Staff. I Know that PVC isn't the best material for a Bo Staff, but if you don't have wood or metal, this is the next best thing. It is also quite durable ( If you fill it with cement or sand )
and easy to wield. So, let's get started!

Step 1: Materials

Ok, so for this Bo staff you're going to need these materials:

  • About 3-6 feet long ( The length of the staff is up to you ) of 1/2 inch PVC pipe
  • 2 PVC endcaps
  • Sand or cement ( Optional, but if you want to make your staff stronger, get this )
  • Hacksaw
  • PVC glue ( Also optional, but if you don't wanna have the staff falling apart again and again, get this )
  • Electrical, Grip, or Duct tape ( Grip tape works best, but I don't have any at the time, so I used Elctrical tape )

Although it looked like a long list, these parts are usually readily available in most homes.

Step 2: Cut the Pipe

Cut the 1/2 inch PVC pipe. A good length of a Bo Staff would be 4-6 feet long. You can also cut it shorter, and you'll have a Jo Staff ( Shorter version of Bo )

Step 3: Apply Endcap

Apply the PVC Endcap to one side of the pipe staff. If you have PVC glue, use it.

Step 4: Optional: Strengthen the Staff

Insert your sand or cement to the uncapped end of the staff. This step is optional, but I highly recommend it because it'll strengthen your staff ( It's better if you use cement, but I don't have any at the time, and sand is second best, since it works well too. )

Step 5: Apply Other Encap

After you filled the staff with the cement or sand ( or not ), apply endcap to the other side of the staff. If you have PVC glue, use it.

Step 6: Apply Tape

Apply grip, duct, or electrical tape on the handle of the staff. Like I said before, grip tape works best, but electrical or duct tape works well too.

Step 7: You Are Done!

Woooo! You are done! See, easy, right? Have fun ( yes ) and be safe ( NOT! ), LOL.
you should actually always put sand in without it ti will shatter and make it very sharp i stabbed myself accidentally still have scar 6 years later very dangerouse
<p>The duct tape keeps the shards from going anywhere, and thick-walled pipe won't break as easily.</p>
<p>Hmm... I wonder if you can drill a hole in it and add a burning laser so it can make a fire staff...</p>
if you use sand or cement it would be much to heavy you could just make it out of bamboo its much better to use and not as heavy but you are not allowed a bamboo bo in tournys it a shame they're so nice and light some wood is not legal in tournys.
A staff should be head hight or maybe 1-3 inches taller. <br> <br>I have a wax wood one that is VERY light and durable and its taller than me and it works great, the oak ones are very much heavier,if you want to train in staves,you need to get situated with more than one weight of staff.
interesting concept. sand or cement sounds like a very good idea. i will try to use this concept and create some heavy <a href="http://escrimasticks.org" rel="nofollow"><strong>escrima sticks</strong></a> to train with. thanks<br /> <br /> <br />
Sounds cool. I have made two escrima sticks using the same method as this. Good luck to you.
&nbsp;if ur a kid u cud just get pipe and put pipe insolation around it
If you want a safe weapon that you can use to randomly whack people then yes. But this staff is for martial arts practice, not for randomly whacking people.<br />
&nbsp;i sed if ur a kid
i wanna know im a little confused u put one endcap on then u fill with cement or sand to make it denser as in strengthen it right or is it inserted in endcap?<br />
Please use proper grammar, I do not understand you question one bit.<br />
sorry and i was asking if the cement or sand is in the endcap or is it filled in the whole staff<br />
Oh. Now I can understand you perfectly. It's filled in the whole staff.<br />
You mentioned that you wanted the feel of waxwood.&nbsp; The waxwood staffs I have used are very light.&nbsp; Maybe, these are just the ones I've seen, but doesn't the sand make your PVC Bo staff seem too heavy?<br />
Actually, no, not at all. The sand doesn't make it heavy.<br />
Hey! My names Brian... I guess ill always be trusted!
I don't really get what you mean by that.
Step 1, Pic 5!
Oh, haha! I finally get that joke! Very creative of you! I'm subscribing you for that =)<br/>
fill it with expandig foam
No. Foam doesn't make the staff that much heavier. This object is meant to hurt people, and sand & cement is already a fairly good weight material.
Why 1/2"? I'd think that would be too wobbly, not to mention awkward to hold. I prefer 3/4". It's much stronger and a better size for holding. Also try to get schedule 80 PVC. It's a dark grey and it's made to hold water at a higher pressure than the schedule 40, which makes it stronger in general. It's a little more expensive, but you'll save by not having to replace it as often.
Well, it is kinda wobbly, but I was trying to get that wax wood feeling, you know? And thanks for the advice, but I'm afraid they don't sell schedule 80 PVC where live (Indonesia).....
Having grown my own waxwood, I can say it is really not wobbly at all in my experience (though mine is actually a different species that is normally used, so maybe it's a little different). A similarly sized branch of that is incredibly inflexible, and at least as strong. In fact if you have that, I'd suggest using it instead of PVC. If you can find a <a rel="nofollow" href="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Privet">privet</a> (it's a weed throughout most of the world), they're the source of waxwood, and they're all pretty similar. Just cut off a relatively straight branch and skin it. Unfortunately they don't seem to be very common in India, but on the other hand there are plenty of other plants around that should work well for practice, such as rattan.<br/>
Well, while that may be true, wax wood Bos, at least the ones that I use, are actually kinda wobbly, and I also speak from experience. Thanks for telling me about privet, I've actually never even heard of it before. They don't seem to be common around India? Dude, why would I care? I live in <strong>Indonesia</strong>. And yeah, rattan is strong. I don't own rattan Bos but I own many rattan Kali sticks and they're extremely tough and virtually unbreakable.<br/>
Erm, sorry. That was a mistake. I did mean Indonesia, don't know how I wrote the wrong thing.<br/><br/>Though I have heard very different things about rattan (mostly from <a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.sca.org/">SCA</a> people, who bash it repeatedly against metal shields), but I've never used it myself.<br/>
How would you go about converting this into a Armtgard/boffer weapon? say, for Dagorhir or SCA? I'm thinking about maybe the endsand leave a grip for two hands?
Eh, sorry dude, I don't do much LARP. I do to martial arts practice and attend army CQC combat lessons, you know, the real deal.
yeah and i trian with bu it boes not mach the katanas
If you are skilled with a bo staff you can beat some with a katana.
I second that opinion! A good example is Miyamoto Musashi ( Beat fully-armed foes with just a couple o' bokkens )
actually, it's the other way around. if you can use the katana, you can use the bo as a sword, it just won't slice and dice. if you're only used to using the bo, it's a bit harder to use the katana, because you can't simulate with the katana what you do with the bo. you can however simulate the katana with a bo. anyway, great Instructable. what kind of wood do you suggest for making a homemade bo? also, if you know anything about spears, I'd love to hear it.
Thanks. I would suggest using some kinda hardwood or wax wood. White oak, hickory and teak wood are good choices. And yeah, I do know a little about Japanese spears, namely the Yari, Bisento, and Naginata. If you would like some more info, post a reply saying that you do.
Use bamboo. All you need to do is find a piece that feels good in you hand and cut it near the nodes. Then sand it a bit.
Bamboo's not really an excellent option, I've had bamboo staffs splint on me lots of times before.
Did you cut them near enough to the nodes?
Oh, I don't know what your problem is then.
Bamboo is simply not indestructible, OK?
You can't use a bo like a katana. A bo is 6 feet long. A katana is only 4 feet long.
Actually, you can use a Bo like a Katana. The length of the staff doesn't really matter, you can still swing it like a Katana. Believe me, I've tried. Well, either that or you could use in like a Tachi/Nodachi....
OK, And thanks again for making it!
I am going to make one of these but put wooden dowels in instead of concrete or sand so it is lighter.
If you have a long enough wooden dowel, just carve the ends to a point, then you have a basic polarm. Or don't carve it to a point but wrap it with the tape and you have a finished staff without spending money on PVC.
Thank you! And I like your idea! It's a cool option!
Ya, the hardware store where I live sells dowels but they are not long enough to make bo staffs with. Also with sand if there is a small crack in the pvc the sand will leak out.
Do you happen to have a home depot in reasonable range from you? They have cut to length dowel. I usually just find the heaviest piece of 1 3/8" that's straight and cut 6ft from it. Instant staff. Kinda heavy, and you have to get used to the grip. But very effective.
Their cuts are not straight, and inaccurate.

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