My latest bow It's made out of 1/2" PVC This thing costs about $1 to make if you have all of the supplies already Supplies list •4 feet of 1/2" PVC •about 6-7 feet of paracord total(some for the handle [optional]and some for the bow string)
<p>you can heat PVC right on your stove, make sure to keep rotating or moving PVC so heat isn't concentrated on one area. PVC is also great for blowguns and crossbows.</p>
You heat the PVC until it is flexible enough to bend be careful NOT to burn the PVC
wow, i love it. simple. how did you bend the PVC? (sorry, newbie speaking)
Go to you tube and search up backyard bowyer <br>He has lots of good videos on how to make PVC bows and what not
what is the draw weight?
Right now it's about 20lb <br>But when I tighten up the strings ,it's about 30lbs
That looks great! Would love to see how it was made.
Thanks <br>I'll try to make an actual instructable on it today

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