PVC Bows and Arrows Build-along





Introduction: PVC Bows and Arrows Build-along

This is one of my longer videos, but I hope you don't get too bored!

Here is a sort of build along video of two (technically three) PVC bows and some arrows I made with my friend Sean. All credit goes to Nick, the Backyard Bowyer for inspiration and tutorials. Check out his channel if you like archery, making weapons, or are short on cash and like DIY.




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do you know the FPS of the arrows? is this a "Fun" project or a serious survival project? Id like to know the poundage and arrow speed?

Greetings from across the Pond,
I have built one of your bows,looks great but i cant find any schedule 40 pipe
over here, can you suggest an alternative. i have asked all the plumbers over
here but to no avail. HELP

Schedule 40 is the most common type of PVC (or galvanized) pipe; it's the garden variety thickness. "Schedule 80" (extra strong, with thicker walls) it's more rare, so most probably you are already using Schedule 40 PVC, only under a different name.

also...What is the draw weight?

can you try to submit the video as a second ible in quicktime or vimeo format?

Can you paint the pvc? I know someone who painted heir wooden bow and it dried/ snapped. But pvc...

Yeah, I used spray paint. I don't get why it would crack on a wooden bow if you used the right paint...?

Are there any substitutes for the heat gun? Would a hair blower work?

You can use a stove top, just be careful. Hair dryer gets nowhere near hot enough.