There are all kinds of PVC shoulder rig tutorials on the web, but this design is created specifically for a DSLR camera!
Made from 1/2 Inch PVC, here is a simple totally customizable 'spider-brace' style shoulder rig!

Though this design was created for use with a DSLR camera, ANY camera will work and this rig will give you stable and smooth camera shots with camera's as small as a iphone or flip all the way up!

Keep in mind, this is just my design, mostly for a guide for you to go out and make something even better!
Let's get started!

Step 1: Here's what you'll need:

1/2 Inch PVC/ Connections

5 90°angle
6 45°angle
2 T joint
3 6 ½-7 Straight
2 5 ½ Straight
2 2 ½ Straight
9 1 ½ Straight

PVC Conduit Electric box – Side access panel
lower and back fittings.

PVC primer/glue

PVC Cutters

For the Camera base you'll need:
1 2inch ¼-20 thread thumbscrew
2 Nuts
1 spring

Some optional things would be:
Black tape/paint
Bike hand grips
Pipe insulation

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