Introduction: PVC Chair

Do you need a chair? Are you a creative person? Do you want to go green? We have the best  PVC chair for you! 

Material List: 
4 24" long PVC Pipe
8 22" long PVC Pipe
4 48" long PVC Pipe
9 6" PVC Pipe
PVC Cutter
teesdot 4
90dgtee 4
90dgeb 2
90dsot 6



Mark out each length of desired PVC with a sharpie and ruler. Use a pipe cutter and cut out each piece of PVC.


Take 4 pieces of 22' PVC and lay them out into a square shape. Connect each of the sides of the square with a 90dsot connector. 

Step 4: LEGS

Now take 4 24" PVC pipe, and put them in the side outlets of the base that are facing up. These will create the legs of the chair. 

Step 5: Connect!

Now place two 90dsot on two adjacent legs. Attach two 90dtsot on two adjacent legs. 

Step 6: Bottoms Up

Now take two 22" PVC pipes and attach one side of the PVC into a 90dsot and connect the other side to a 90dtsot. Repeat on the opposite side. 

Step 7: Front of Chair

Take three 6" PVC pipe, and two T connectors. Lay them out like the picture on this step. After you layed them out, connect the PVC to the connectors. Then attach what you just created into the two 90dsot. Make sure the T connectors, now in the middle of the chair are perpendicular to the opposite side of the chair. 

Step 8: Kick It in the Backseat

Layout three 6" PVC Pipes, along with two 90tsot. Attach them the same way you attached the pvc and connectors in the last step. Look at the picture for guidance. Connect this piece to the two 90dtsot opposite of the piece you just made. Look at the picture for help. 

Step 9: Seat of the Chair

Now take two 22" PVC pipe and connect them in the middle of the chair creating a seat. 

Step 10: Back of the Chair

Take the four 48" PVC pipe and place them in the connectors in the back of the chair. This will create a back for the chair. 

Step 11: Top of the Chair

Take three more 6" PVC pipe and connect them to two 90degree elbows, and two 90 degree T's. Look at the picture for the placement of the connectors 


With all of the pieces together the chair should look like this picture. Use a hammer to tighten the grip between the pipe and the connectors to make the chair stronger. 

Step 13: SEAT

To create the seat for the chair we took flexible .5 in rope. Weave the rope through the 4 22" pipes that created the seat. Once you created the desired length of the seat, tie a knot with the rope and burn the end avoid fray and to make a stronger hold. After the knot is tied tight, use tape and tape the rope in the position you desire by taping it to the pipe. 

Step 14: Back!

Use the same process to create the backing of the chair. Tape a line where you would like to star the weaving of the rope. Tie a knot and melt it so it holds. Use the same weaving pattern as you did for the seat to create the back of the chair. 

Step 15: Lean Wit It.

To create the slant on the back of the chair for comfortability, use rope and weave it through the the seat and back of the chair that has already been woven. Tape any access rope to the pipe. Thus creating a perpendicular rope to the preexisting rope. 

Step 16: Final Steppp.

Use the rest of your rope and with the same weaving pattern, weave that rope through the vertical pieces of rope just created. Continue until full and stable. Use tape and cover any visible pipe for visual pleasure. 


tgries (author)2014-01-23

and polyvinyl chloride is about as far from "green" as you can get.

tgries (author)2014-01-23

and not 1 photo of anyone sitting in it

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