Picture of PVC Chair
Ever thought "I need a charm now!' but only had a pile of PVC? If so then this is the instruct able for you!

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Step 1: Materials

1in. PVC Pipe:
   9x 18in.
   6x 3.75in.
   4x 4in.
   2x 5.3in.
   4x 14in.
   4x 12in.
   4x 7in.
1in. Bent PVC Pipe:
   4x 20.12in.
   8x 12.09in.
   1x 19.08in.
   1in. PVC Fittings:
   2x 45degree elbow
6x Tee
   16x Tee side outlet
   4x 90degree elbow
Custom Pieces
   Cup Holder

Step 2: How To Make The Cup Holder

PVC pipe fitting:
   Create two circles on the top plane, one within the other
   Inside circle d=1.0625
   Outside circle d=1.3125
   select sketch and go to features
   extrude 2in.
Top part:
   One circle on top of the fitting
   extrude sketch 3in.
   select the of the extruded piece
   make a circle d=3.75in.
   extrude cut the inner circle 2.5in. downward
   select the top of the cup holder
   enter top view
   select sketch center rectangle
   from the origin, follow a dotted line to the edge of the cup
   click and drag a rectangle, .5in. x 1.8in.
   extrude cut rectangle 2.5in. downward

Step 3: How To Bend PVC

For this project I used PVC Bend It ( to bend my PVC. To use the PVC bend it I recommend inserting the PVC pipe on to the PVC Bend It and leaving it there for 5 minutes. Rotate every 30 seconds to prevent the PVC from burning. Once the timer stops, remove the pipe (WITH GLOVES!!!)  and bend to the desired angle (don't worry about length, PVC can always be cut) then cool using a cloth that is wet with cold water.