Ever thought "I need a charm now!' but only had a pile of PVC? If so then this is the instruct able for you!

Step 1: Materials

1in. PVC Pipe:
   9x 18in.
   6x 3.75in.
   4x 4in.
   2x 5.3in.
   4x 14in.
   4x 12in.
   4x 7in.
1in. Bent PVC Pipe:
   4x 20.12in.
   8x 12.09in.
   1x 19.08in.
   1in. PVC Fittings:
   2x 45degree elbow
6x Tee
   16x Tee side outlet
   4x 90degree elbow
Custom Pieces
   Cup Holder

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