So this is the follow on to https://www.instructables.com/id/PVC-Chicken-Gravity-Feeder/...

I ordered a Chicken Waterer Cup from Beaktime.com to compliment the PVC Chicken Feeder I made last week.  This was also something I had seen on ebaY.

This was just as easy and inexpensive as the feeder.

Step 1: Materials

I used the leftover 4 inch PVC Sewer Pipe from PVC Chicken Feeder ($7.50 when I purchased it).
  1. 48 inches of 4 inch PVC Sewer Pipe
  2. 1 - 4 inch cap end ($1.50)
  3. 1 - 4 inch Female Adapted ($3.50)
  4. 1 - 4 inch threaded cap ($1.50)
  5. 1 - Beakup ($4.99 plus shipping) www.beaktime.com
  6. PVC Solvent
  7. Silicone Sealant

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